I'm just beginning to transition from being a college student to a working girl.

First, I want to start by saying congratulations! Transitioning from a college student to a working girl is one of the scariest yet most exciting times in a young woman's life. Along with adopting a grown-up occupation, one must update her wardrobe with proper pieces to play the part. I know that with this in mind, a girl's biggest worry is whether or not she will have to sacrifice her personal style when dressing to climb the corporate ladder. My answer to this dilemma is no-absolutely not! There are plenty of work-appropriate options that will still showcase your personal style.

My first suggestion is that you invest in some great core pieces that will allow you to mix and match for both functionality and versatility. Start off with a basic business staple that no working girl's closet can be without-a crisp black blazer. However, you can also opt for a blazer in a fun texture or colour for a little touch of glamour. In creative fields, another great outerwear option that you can switch out for your work blazer is a leather jacket. This unexpected clothing option will add a rocker edge to your nine-to-five ensemble.

To further enhance your look, try experimenting with some fabulous prints! Instead of reaching for that traditional white button-down in the morning, change up your look with a floral blouse. If donning a dress to work is your favourite look, try it in a cool motif as well-the key is to go for muted hues to let your print do all the talking. Of course, if you'd rather wear a dress in a more traditional colour, that's a totally chic option too! I love the look of a solid shirtdress.

Finally, finish off your look with some eye-catching footwear. Choose work pumps in an interesting grey snake texture or if you like the look of a more modern silhouette, reach for a pair of suede platform booties. Oh, and one last thing, never underestimate the power of polish-paint your mani with a fresh fall shade to truly personalise your look.

Practice any of these options and you are sure to get promoted in no time! xoRZ