I'm attending a post-wedding dinner (not formal reception) this fall. The dress

Bride or not, weddings are always a great runway to premiere a special look. Don't let your short and curved stature deter you from experimenting with options; there are plenty of silhouettes to compliment a girl with a figure! And although you are faced with a "business casual" dress code, there are still lots of fabulous silhouettes to play with.

For this situation, I suggest that you look to the fashions of the '60s-my default decade for fashion inspiration!-and pick out a shift dress that emphasises your shape while flattering your waist. Embrace your curves and make sure that the dress fits you perfectly-tailoring is key! Specifically, shop for frocks that have unexpected details; think Joan from Mad Men but with a modern twist. Explore the idea of a shift dress in a tweed texture in the style of classic Chanel, or try one in a fabulous cranberry hue or snake print (very on-point with the trends for this fall). If you want to mute down the look, throw on a shrunken blazer in a great navy blue.

Of course if you decide to go the way of a more traditional "business casual" ensemble, let your accessories help you stand out. A skinny belt in patent leather is a simple and easy fixe for your shift dress, as well as a sleek and elegant pair of platform pumps. No matter what you wear, be sure to top off your getup with some glamour in the form of a bag. You can either go with a cool snake-embossed clutch with eye-catching hardware or a quintessential feminine gold chain purse in a pretty shade of walnut.

Heed this advice and you'll have wardrobe options suitable for a wedding as well as your next corporate board meeting! xoRZ