Rachel Stevens Manages to Make These 10 Winter Basics Look Anything But Boring

I've made no secret of the fact that I think Rachel Stevens. Yes, she of former S Club 7 fame is one of the people on Instagram I want to dress like the most. She has a real knack of putting basics together and making them look incredibly chic. But not only that—she has an eye for spotting high-street pieces that look luxe. Her trick is to keep it simple. Right now, I've been nabbing styling tricks from her winter ensembles, and I've worked out to emulate her effortless style there are a few key pieces that she keeps on standby. So behold your guide to Rachel's winter capsule wardrobe, from black blazers to white jeans (yes, for the winter). Keep scrolling to see the outfits and then shop the items.

Next up, the biggest autumn/winter 2019 trends you need to know. 

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