Want to Work in Fashion? You Have to Hear This Advice

It’s fair to say that designer Rachel Roy has been around the fashion block, having worked in the industry for over 16 years with stints in everything from retail to creative direction. After honing her design skills at the streetwear brand Rocawear for a few years, Roy launched her eponymous label in 2005 and quickly garnered a celebrity following that today includes Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, Iman, and Kim Kardashian.

Not surprisingly, the designer has learned a lot over the years, and she recently shared a few of those lessons with the audience at the 2015 National Small Business Week in Washington, D.C. She attributes the best comment she's received over the years to the fashion editor André Leon Talley, who said to her early on, “You have a point of view, and that’s why I support you.” Roy has had a similar reaction to those just starting out:

“What I noticed is that the people I support are people who have point of view—people that are not afraid to speak their mind, people who are not afraid to say what their opinion truly is. If you can apply that to your business, I also think you will be truly blessed tenfold.”

And what about the approval of others? Well, let’s just say it shouldn’t be your top priority:

“You have to be ok with people not liking you. You have to be confident enough in who you are to know you are coming from a good place with good intent. … You have to realise that without taking a risk, you will not have success.”

Well, with Rachel Roy collections sold at major department stores across the country, we’re inclined to believe the designer’s advice is worth taking.

Hear more from Rachel Roy over at WWD, and shop her lower-priced line here! Then let us know what you think of the designer's advice in the comments!