Proof That Rachel Green Predicted 2017's Biggest Trends

I should probably start this with a disclaimer: I grew up watching Friends religiously. Over the past 20-odd years, I struggle to remember a time where more than a month has passed without my watching at least one episode. I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up with Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey on my TV, and nostalgia keeps drawing me back in, or if it’s the life lessons (like what not to do when you’re wearing leather pants) and outfits that still keep me entertained. Regardless, whenever my boyfriend suggests we rewatch the series from start to finish, I fall in love all over again (with him, too).

Which brings me to why we’re here today. Fashion has reached peak ’90s and early-’00s revival, and on my most recent Friends binge, I realised that Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) predicted all of 2017’s biggest trends. From obvious ’90s pieces like slip dresses and mom jeans to less expected trends like the colour purple and printed skirts, Rachel Green is proving to still be the ultimate style inspo.

Keep scrolling to see some of Rachel Green’s looks that we’d wear today.

#1: Purple

Rachel Green style: Purple



Style Notes: One of the biggest colours (other than red and pink) this season? Purple. Wear a sweatshirt à la Rachel or a pair of trousers, coat or jacket.

This combines flared sleeves, roll necks, and the colour purple.

#2: Mom Jeans

Rachel Green style: Mom jeans


Getty Images

Style Notes: Mom jeans and a white tee? What the ’90s (and 2017) were all about.

These are super flattering on so many different people. 

#3: Opaque tights

Rachel Green style: Opaque tights


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Style Notes: We’ve made no secret of the fact that we love tights. While patterned versions are still making a comeback, for us 2017 is the year of the opaques.

#4: Slip dress

Rachel Green style: slip dress


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Style Notes: No, you couldn’t move for slip dresses in 2016, but they’re still going strong this year too. Just remember to wear with a roll neck in the colder months. 

A party dress and a day dress rolled into one. 

#5: Printed Skirts

Rachel Green style: Printed skirts


Getty Images

Style Notes: If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hankering after a printed skirt from the likes of Rixo and Ganni to pair with a vintage tee and sneakers. 

Get this before it sells out (all the other skirts have already).

#6: Knee-high boots

Rachel Green style: knee-high boots


Getty Images

Style Notes: Thinking about wearing knee-high boots this winter? Good idea. These shoes are all over the high street right now, with plenty of designers stocking their versions too. Style with a turtleneck and miniskirt for pure Rachel Green fashion.

You can never go wrong with a pair of Isabel Marant boots. 

#7: Millennial Pink

Rachel Green style: Millennial pink



Style Notes: Fashion girls are (still) obsessed with the colour pink, and it’s probably because Rachel did it first.

Rachel would definitely wear this. 

#8: Side-striped trousers

Rachel Green style: tracksuit pants


Getty Images

Style Notes: Chloé brought back the tracksuit last year, but remember when Rachel did it first with a brown turtleneck?

Comfortable + stylish = the dream. 

#9: Slogan tees and sweatshirts

Rachel Green style: slogan tees and sweatshirts


Getty Images

Off-duty models are obsessed with slogan tees. RG started the trend, and this year, we can’t stop wearing them.

To wear with your printed skirt. 

#10: Sheer Attire

Rachel Gren style: ladylike attire


Getty Images

Style Notes: Rachel’s been making sheer work for work since the early ’00s. What with a lot of flirty styles around right now, it makes perfect sense to resurrect this look. 

#11: "Ugly" trainers

Rachel Green style: ugly trainers


Getty Images

Style Notes: This athleisure look is exactly what we wear all weekend, especially topped off with these “ugly” trainers. 

Surprisingly wearable. 

Next up: the biggest autumn/winter 2017 fashion trends you need to know.

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