7 Essential Pillars of Rachel Green's Wardrobe

I'm not the bragging type, but one thing I am prepared to boast about is that I definitely know more Friends trivia than you. In my youth, the only comfort in having to suffer through another school week was the knowledge that at 8 p.m. on Friday evening, my mum and I would sit ourselves down in front of the telly and watch Friends. Then Frasier, which was also excellent, but Friends was The One. 

After becoming hooked, I proceeded to spend any pocket money I was given on buying the full archive of Friends episodes on VHS—then, after watching them repeatedly, spent the rest of the year wishing for the next season to begin. I even remember where I was and what I was eating when the last-ever episode aired (at my grandma's scoffing sugar and cinnamon toast). Then, in 2017, I rewatched the entirety of the 10 seasons with the same excitement on Netflix. 

Basically, I'm a Friends oracle, and today, I've decided to put my knowledge to good use—by dissecting all of Rachel Green's outfits to help you create your very own '90s It-girl capsule

Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, was always pitted as the most stylish member of the 20-something troop. On a personal level, I think Monica Gellar's wares are grossly overlooked, but there's no denying that the waitress-turned–assistant buyer knew how to wear an outfit well. 

Although she had an undeniable penchant for LBDs, Rachel Green's wardrobe was more than simple little black dresses. In fact, it seems to revolve around seven staples—some of which are quite unexpected. Keep scrolling below to see Rachel's Friends outfits and shop the key pieces for yourselves. 


Rachel Friends Outfits: Her entire wardrobe revolves around these seven items


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Style Notes: From season one right through to season 10, Rachel remains a firm fan of miniskirts—particularly those of the pleated variety. Likely a nod to her cheerleading days, she makes them feel grown up by pairing them with a black roll-neck and leather knee-high boots


Style Notes: Ranging from cute floral motifs to quirky slogans like "Save the Drama For Your Mama," Rachel's collection of printed tees is second to none. Keep the base colour white or black, then pair with checked trousers to nail her off-duty vibe. 

Style Notes: No true '90s style icon would be complete without a pair of denim dungarees. Rachel wore them to hang around the apartment, grab coffee and do her laundry, which would enviably be turned pink thanks to a rogue red sock. No, you watch too many Friends re-runs. 


Style Notes: Upon researching, I was surprised to see how much leopard print Rachel wore, usually in top or dress form. One thing's for certain, she'd love all the leopard pieces on offer right now.


Style Notes: Within the space of 10 minutes, I found seven outfits of Rachel's that feature a Mandarin collar, which can't be a coincidence. From satin tops styles with aprons to the Cheongsam dress she wore to Phoebe's hen party (told you—super fan right here), it's a look she always falls back on. 

Rachel Friends Outfits: Her entire wardrobe revolves around these seven items


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Style Notes: Clearly a girl after our own hearts, Rachel knows a good jumper when she sees it, though none of her knits come more classic than the fuzzy mohair offerings she wore in earlier seasons.


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Style Notes: If one trend sums up Rachel's style, it has to be tartan. From miniskirts to trousers, pyjamas to flannel shirting, her affinity for the motif grew episode by episode. Wear it with a grey jumper and square-toe boots for a fitting Rachel Green homage. 

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