12 Fashion People Who Were Doing Quiet Luxury Before It Was a Thing

The two most uttered words in fashion this year have got to be "quiet luxury." The term might be new, but the concept certainly isn't. Pertaining to clothes and accessories that err on the classic side, these are elevated pieces that are devoid of flashiness and obvious designer logos. Instead, the focus is placed on how the item fits, how high-end it looks and its ability to be styled with as much of your wardrobe as possible. 

Brands that come to mind at the mere mention of quiet luxury are The Row—the brand helmed by the Olsen twins—Celine in its accent era, Saint Laurent and Toteme. The quiet-luxury colour palette is typically refined to a swatch card of neutral tones and versatile shades such as green and blue, all of which are completely interchangeable with one another to create the capsule of capsules. But how exactly do you put together a quiet-luxury outfit? 

As someone who is keen to make their own wardrobe a more quiet-luxury place, I've been saving down key looks that embody the aesthetic for months now. Looking back at my Instagram Saved folder, it didn't take me long to see that I was saving down outfits from a small selection of influencers and celebrities over and over again. These are the fashion people who were doing quiet luxury before it was even a thing.

Scroll on to see my favourite quiet-luxury outfit ideas, as worn by the people who practically invented the aesthetic. 

Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu

Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu is fast becoming one of the most stylish microinfluencers on Instagram, but we doubt her "micro" status will hang around for long. Her refined wares and interesting layering combinations provide endless inspiration to those of us who want to dress more quietly luxurious. Details such as her knotted sweater and matching shoes and handbag further nod to the aesthetic. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



If there's one celebrity who has long been advocating quiet luxury, it's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She may have skeleton-key access to all the designer collections, but she still opts for pieces that only those in the know will recognise. That, friends, is the essence of quiet luxury. 

TyLynn Nguyen

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: TyLynn Nguyen



Whether she's dressed up for a balmy evening or sticking to casual pieces for running errands, influencer and model TyLynn Nguyen's penchant for pared-back pieces has been inspiring me to dress more minimally for years. With a nuanced approach to selecting her fabrics, this combination of suede and silk looks so high-end.  

The Olsens

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen



With their combined collection of sweeping maxi coats and a seemingly endless array of elevated accessories, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were presenting us with quiet-luxury looks long before the aesthetic was even a thing. The Row is one of the labels most synonymous with the movement, which really should come as no surprise, as they are the ones behind it. 

Michelle Lin

What I love most about Michelle Lin is that she showcases quiet-luxury outfits in motion. Although she's based in London, she spends much of her time travelling and exploring the world, giving us an insight into how to dress that way when on home soil. She'll be my main source of inspiration when packing for any and all of my trips this year. 

Jasmine Tookes

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Jasmine Tookes



I'm going to make a bold claim: Jasmine Tookes is one of the best dressed celebrities right now. Unlike so many others, she's not one to jump on trends just for the sake of it—she's someone who dresses with consideration and almost always in the neutral palette which we spoke of earlier. She knows her style and won't be led astray by flash-in-the-pan pieces. Instead, Tookes consistently favours classic items that have enduring appeal. 

Anouk Yve

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Anouk Yve



Scandi fashion people have been backing the quiet-luxury aesthetic for some time, and in my opinion, no one gets it quite as right as Anouk Yve. With her weekly mirror-selfie series, Yve pairs investment pieces with elevated high-street finds to create a quiet-luxury look that's all her own but also simple enough for the rest of us to emulate. 

Zoë Kravitz

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Zoë Kravitz



Zoë Kravitz sightings feel few and far between these days, but when she does step out, she always commands our attention with her outfits, which feel consistently timeless and elegant. It's proof that you can do quiet luxury and add some personality. The addition of a crystal bra may feel unexpected, but paired with a silk shirt, pencil skirt and pointed-toe heels, it's still very much on-brand. 

Marianne Smyth

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Marianne Smyth



Influencer, photographer and mother Marianne Smyth shows us how a quiet-luxury wardrobe can work for every day with her slew of practical but incredibly stylish looks. Easily my most saved, her outfits are probably the most "wearable" of them all, heavily focusing on well-cut jeans, classic knitwear and refined accessory choices. 

Katie Holmes

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Katie Holmes



You could argue that Katie Holmes started the quiet-luxury aesthetic the second she stepped out in that now-iconic Khaite cashmere cardigan-and-bra set in 2018. Since then, Holmes hasn't missed a fashion beat, and it's all down to the fact that she centres her looks around staple pieces. 

Sylvie Mus

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Sylvie Mus



French style goes hand in hand with quiet luxury, and if there's one person who's showing us how to do it in a minimalistic way, it's Parisian influencer Sylvie Mus. Layering is integral to Mus's aesthetic, as are fluid separates that give her outfits beautiful form and movement. 

Elsa Hosk

Quiet Luxury Outfit Inspiration: Elsa Hosk



Another model turned style icon to grace our list, Elsa Hosk's love of tailoring, jersey separates, leather outerwear and versatile accessories forms a solid quiet-luxury bedrock. Consistently polished looking, her Instagram feed is an endless source of outfit inspiration, which is deserving of so much more focus than it's currently being given. 

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