This Middle Eastern Queen Always Looks So Chic

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan has impeccable style, but not in the way we're accustomed to with royals. It struck me again today upon seeing a shot of her from the weekend at Sandhurst's military academy—resplendent in a shocking-red coat with a billowing white midi dress underneath, a clashing black hardware-laden handbag and some suede super-high pumps, also in scarlet. This adhered to many of the dress codes that are in place for high-profile women such as herself or the Duchess of Cambridge, but it also felt fashion-ready and unexpected, too. Where some may have walked down the entirely matchy-matchy path, Rania, 46, often takes a more experimental step forward, clashing her accessories or opting for more directional (and less twee) silhouettes.

This was just one case in point, and we've discovered many others as we've looked back through her 2017 outfit catalogue. Queen Rania may be well-known in political circles for her advocacy work in education, health, finance and youth empowerment, and she also has ties to the fashion industry, attending events like the Fashion for Relief gala in Cannes and is a leading figure in the growing realm of modest fashion. Keep reading to see Queen Rania of Jordan's best looks.