The Biggest Trouser Trend of the Season Is Selling Out Everywhere

When the weather starts to plummet, what do you wear on your legs? Jeans can be an option, but even they're not so good at keeping you warm. But we think some of our favourite influencers have found just the solution to our cold-legs problem—PVC/vinyl trousers. The look is understandable: Not only are the trousers thicker, and therefore warmer, they're also exceptionally good at being wiped clean, meaning when you're carrying your hot chocolate around you're less likely to have a problem with any spillages. 

So who's been wearing this look? Lucy Williams, Camille Charrière, and Chiara Ferragni have all been seen in these shiny pants over the past couple of weeks, which means this trend is definitely on the rise. The only bad news is that plenty of the vinyl trousers already out have sold out. But, we've scoured online retailers to being some of the trousers you can buy right now. Keep scrolling for how to style these trousers as well as where to buy them right now.

Shop the look

Charrière considers these trousers some of her favourites (you need only scroll through her Insta account to see that she loves them).

Don't want to splash out on a designer pair? Fear not, these from Tripp NYC will do the job.

If you're feeling brave, might we suggest you also try the vinyl trend in red too? 

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