This Controversial Bra Trend Is Reportedly Making a Comeback


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Blame it on being behind the scenes at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but quite unexpectedly I feel (fear?) the push-up bra may be back on the agenda. No, I've not been brainwashed by the candy-pink Angel brigade (push-ups are a 24/7 essential here, I know), but a conversation I had months ago with Agent Provocateur's creative director, Sarah Shotton, was ringing in my ears as I chatted to Stella Maxwell backstage. 

When I asked Sarah what she thought the next major lingerie trend would be, she said, "I think the push-up bra is going to come back. … I think there's still a huge '90s thing going on, and that was all push-ups," she said. 

Placating any night terrors you may experience thanks to that bombshell, she went on to explain if the push-up tries to return in 2017, it would receive a modern makeover. "It might be a pad that's a half-pad and almost like a balconette with lace over the top… If you have large breasts, padding is actually extra support for us—so that's actually quite good."


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Model Stella Maxwell was in agreement: "I love push-up bras, I think they're great," she said succinctly. So are we destined for another circa-1994 Hello, Boys phase where car crashes happen because of racy road-side Wonderbra adverts and all celebrities start showing their padding from underneath a vest-top? Unlikely. But with a longstanding love affair with bralettes and no-bra fashions perhaps coming to a cyclical end—maybe those plunging necklines could start to celebrate cleavage once more, and perhaps the controversy that has courted a whole heap of under-boob and nipple action this year will shift its focus. Stranger '90s trends have been wholeheartedly adopted… Right?

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