Puddle Pants Have Officially Replaced My Jeans—7 Looks I'm Backing

At 5'3", I've always gravitated towards cropped pants. My tailor was my best friend, and I even used my high school sewing skills to hem items when I was on a time crunch. It's not that I don't love the look of puddle pants—they add this effortless touch to an outfit that I truly admire. And as a modest dresser, the sartorial shift towards looser and baggier silhouettes is a happy change. But being short, I was unsure as to how they'd look on me. Turns out, I just wasn't styling them correctly. After taking notes from the fashion set, I was able to start incorporating the style into my everyday wardrobe flawlessly. Since the style is a bit baggier, it takes a little bit more thinking to play around with silhouettes and proportion. What once was something I was too afraid to wear now has become what I reach for almost every day—more than my favourite jeans, too.

Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of my cropped pants entirely, but I like that I now have a variety of lengths to work with in my wardrobe. If you too have been wondering how to style a pair of full-length trousers, I rounded up the looks that inspired me. Keep scrolling to see the looks and shop the best puddle pants on the market right now. 




Sometimes a matching suit can look too office-like, so I love how this suiting look offers two different tones. With both blazer and pants having a loose silhouette, the fitted bodysuit and cinched belt offer the perfect final touch.

Balance the relaxed silhouette of puddle-pants with a fitted top. 

This outfit may look easy to put together but it will still look like you put in a lot of effort in the morning. All you'll need is your favourite tee and go-to jacket. 

H&M proves that slick tailoring can be found on the high-street. 

I'm always afraid to don many layers, but this look inspired me. The difference in lengths makes the outfit look more interesting. 

The elongated length is enhanced with front pleating. 



Even though this outfit is just a jumper and trousers, the silky texture of the trousers really seals the deal. I'm finally adding a pair to my cart.



If you're all about cozy vibes, this outfit is for you. I know Uggs are meant to be casual shoes, but I couldn't imagine this outfit without them. 

A classic black pair has endless styling options. 



Another suiting look I'll definitely be copying soon. All pieces are in the same cream-coloured genre but have the slightest difference that makes them look more eclectic. To top it all off, a pair of vintage-style sneakers finish it off with a cool touch.

Definitely going to recreate Grece's full tonal look. 



If you're brave enough, go with baggy everything. A sweater scarf on top will make it look more put together.

This azure blue pair have really caught my eye. 

Shop More Puddle Pants:

We can see why these are a best-seller. 

Puddle styles aren't just for tailored trousers - this relaxed style can be found in tracksuit versions too. 

H&M is great place to start for chic plus size pieces. 

This voluminous pair comes in four staple colours. I'll take one of each, please. 

If your wardrobe is full is black trousers, why not try a brown pair that's just as classic

Wear with chunky knits for autumn, and a simple tee come spring. 

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