Boost Your Self-Care Routine With These 12 Stress-Relieving Products

There's no right or wrong way to do self-care, it's an incredibly individual practice that will look different for everyone. When I'm not writing about beauty I'm a spiritual guide and meditation teacher and I completely get how hard it can be to make more time for yourself and actually commit to a self-care routine. 

If you're not sure where to get started, it's a good idea to focus on creating a holistic self-care practice, which means including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices for overall wellbeing and greater balance. Write a list of activities in each of these areas, some ideas could be walking, journaling, meditating or working on your self-worth. Once you have some ideas for what you can do, then make sure you slot them into your calendar, so you'll actually do them. 

Using the power of scent can really boost your self-care and meditation practices, so keep scrolling for some products to get you in the mood for some stillness.

Products For Meditation: Babba



Spritz the calm on

There's something incredibly calming, soothing and refreshing about a fragrant face mist. If you're doing some journalling, moving your body or having a moment to chill at home then it can really change the energy in the space and mark the moment as one that's just for you. 

Close your eyes, spritz and take a moment to breathe in the scent. You can do this at the beginning and end of your practice to help you ground into the present moment. 

Take the spray with you when you're out and about, so you can refresh while you're on the go.

There needs to be a steady supply of this in my life, as I've been spritzing it when I wake up, before and after yoga and before bed. With rose, frankincense and crystal essences its been incredibly soothing for my mind, body and soul.

I've been getting the best of both worlds with the unrivalled setting power of this spray, plus the mood-boosting benefits. There's a spray for different vibes and I've been finding myself most drawn to this one with its rose accords. There's nothing quite like it for slowing down your beauty routine. 

While this one isn't for your face, it's a must for winding down and getting to sleep after a busy day. Lavender, chamomile and vetiver oils will keep you calm and soothe your mind when it's more focused on reciting your to-do list than chilling. I spray this on my pillow before bed or around my meditation area for complete relaxation.

Pulse point pause

There's a reason why aromatherapy and scent does best when we apply products to our pulse points. As these are the areas where your blood (which is warm) is pumping closer to the skin's surface and scent does very well with a little warmth. 

Applying essential oil-based products to your wrists, neck, inner elbow, back of the knees and behind your ears will give you a better shot at getting all of the therapeutic benefits you're after. 

Rollerballs and balms can be used on the go, so when you're out and about and feeling overwhelmed apply to your pulse points, take a deep inhale and pause for a few moments to tend to your nervous system. 

The elements of self-care that have the most impact are usually the ones that happen behind the scenes, like working on the relationship you have with your body. I've spent a lot of time feeling quite disconnected to my body and taking the time to use this balm has been the equivalent of writing a love letter to myself.

I've been applying the cardamom seed, vanilla fruit and jasmine balm on my pulse points and tight hips. Its added a beautiful softness to my daily yoga practice thanks to the comforting scent and if ever there was a product that felt like, "everything will be okay," this is it. 

All of the sleep-inducing babes are here, we've got magnesium, zinc and passionfruit flower oil as well as patchouli, chamomile and lavender. Each one of the ingredients has been carefully selected to get you to nod off. You can also take some deep inhales of this to help you slow down and shift into the present moment before you meditate. 

After a meditation session or certain self-care practices, it might take a minute to fully land back in your body and feel grounded. With a focus on your root chakra (the centre of stability, security and balance), this heavenly blend of vetiver, emeli and frankincense with the bonus of black tourmaline and red jasper crystals has been my post-meditation go-to.

If you're prone to feeling a bit frazzled when you're around a lot of people or heading out, this will help you keep your two feet on the ground when your mind has other plans. 

Candle gaze

In spirituality, ayurvedic teachings and nature-based practices, the elements of air, earth, water, fire and spirit are a big deal. They're represented in tools such as crystals, bowls of salt or water that's been left out on a full moon. Bringing the elements into your space can up-level your self-care practice and candles are a very fragrant way to represent fire. 

Fire is symbolic of transformation and alchemy, while there's something incredibly powerful about it, lighting a candle is also a great way to unwind. Candles can also be included in your meditation practice. The next time you light a candle, sit away from it and take a moment to softly gaze at the flame at eye level. Spend some time focusing on your breath as you contemplate the softness and gentle movement of the flame. Then, of course, enjoy the aromas of the scent. 

It's so tricky to find moments to get some inner peace, and while we can all lie to ourselves and say that we switch off any blue lights and tech straight after dinnertime, it's rarely a reality. This chill-inducing frankincense and cardamom candle has become a staple for when I don't want to switch the TV off but want to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

There's nothing quite like a moment of stillness in nature. Seeing as I won't be going for a walk by the ocean anytime soon, this candle is the next best thing. It's got a seaweed and saltwater thing going on and it's the perfect accompaniment to writing about travel plans in my diary. 

Well, if you're going to gaze at a candle, then it should be a really good-looking one. Sometimes acts of self-care look like elevating our everyday experiences and I've been lighting this frankincense, clove and cinnamon candle when I'm winding down in the evening and trying to release my urge to check my emails at 11 p.m. Designed to align with the chakra system, this candle has not only been shifting my own vibe but the energy of my entire space. 

Without a garden, all I can grow are herbs, so there's such a familiarity that comes from this basil, neroli and amber candle. It's earthy, aromatic and provides comfort from the notes being so recognisable. I lit this candle while I gave a guided meditation and it put me at ease straight away. Be sure to keep the packaging as it contains basil seeds that you can plant. 

In the air

Spread the love to your entire home by scenting the air. Start a collection of essential oils, fragrance sticks and incense to capture your different moods. Checking in with yourself is a key element of self-care and while there are endless self-care practices to do, the biggest impact comes from seeing what you actually need in the moment. 

You might be feeling stuffy and in need of focus, so diffusing some eucalyptus essential oil while you write in your journal would be a good move. On other days, if you're feeling sensual and fancy some solo dancing in your room then patchouli and vanilla might be more up your street. 

The essential oil that can do it all (you name it, I've been using this oil for it). It's soothing, de-stressing and reminds me of intense honey. I mainly use it in a diffuser, but I've been adding to my list of uses. When I'm in need of a dose of balance I add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale, or I add a couple of drops to a plain body oil for a nourishing body massage. 

When I'm craving a softer scent and need to add some moisture to my space, this diffuser helps me to breathe easier. There are so many essential oils around, all with incredible properties, so I check in with how I'm feeling and mix and match some oils to diffuse. At the moment I've been adding in rose otto when I'm in the need for comfort and some big goddess energy, and lavender before bed. 

Placing a bottle of these sticks by the front door, might be one of the smartest decisions you can make for your future self. You know when you get home and you can still feel the lingering energy from the day? This is a quick fix for pretending that you're stepping into a spa or (insert relaxing location here). With eucalyptus and rosemary, it will give your home a refreshing and fragrant lift. 

Up next, this is how to actually use crystals. 

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