I'm Not Entering Autumn With Dry Hair, so I've Loaded Up on These Products

I cannot tell you the number of times growing up I was told I have dry hair. There were no ifs or buts. I had dry and often “unmanageable” hair that had to be dealt with, so much so I really did believe it was my hair type rather than a hair concern that can be treated. Since learning about my hair texture and what it likes and doesn’t and how it is affected by the elements, for the most part, I have the dryness under control. That is, apart from when it comes to the summer. It’s the time of year that really exacerbates frizz and drains the softness from my strands. So while I no longer identify as a dry-hair kind of girl, I am still prone to bouts of dryness.

To quench this, I reach for hydrating serums, oils and creams; I pick shampoos that don’t strip hair, and of course, I use nourishing masks. “For dry hair, masks are one the most intensive treatments you can give your hair on the regular,” says Sophie Benson, education manager for Keune Hair UK. “Traditionally, you can use them once per week or every five shampoos. However, if your hair is lightened or exposed to over-styling, heat products, sun exposure, swimming/sports, etc., or you have longer hair, then you can use a mask instead of a conditioner every time you wash your hair.”

So with that said, these are the products that I load up on and recommend to friends when the summer heat takes its toll on our hair.



The Best Products for Dry Hair

DPHue ACV Hair Rinse

This apple cider vinegar rinse is a must for lengthening the time between your wash days. Too much shampooing will dry your hair out because you’re stripping natural oils from your strands, so apply this to your scalp and rinse through to gently cleanse without sudding up.

Dizziak Hydration Wash

I reach for this cleanser for my textured hair whenever I need a good cleanse but know I’ve been going a bit wild with the hot tools. It cleans and quenches thirst for dry strands at the same time. Genius.

Olaplex No. 4c Clarifying Shampoo

Now, I wouldn’t normally recommend a clarifying shampoo in a piece about helping dry hair, but hear me out. When you use a lot of styling products, especially with waxes and silicones, it actually stops moisture from penetrating your strands, leaving hair looking and feeling dry. This new shampoo from Olaplex gives the strands a thorough clean without stripping.

L'Oreal Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo

The skincare powerhouse hyaluronic acid boosts this formula to help hair cling to moisture. If you have finer hair, you’ll like this. Use with the conditioner and leave-in for extra shine with a weightless finish.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Oil 3-in-1 Hair Mask Treatment

You can use this treatment in so many ways—as a pre-treatment, a post-wash mask and even as a leave-in—which is why I love it as a dry-hair hero for lots of hair types. For me, using it as a pre-treatment overnight really helps to soften my hair beyond washday.

JVN Hair Nurture Deep Moisture Mask

Use this mask in place of conditioner for soft, shiny hair. It only takes about four minutes for the hemi-squalane to strengthen and smooth even the driest of manes.

Davines OI Liquid Luster

This is my newest obsession, and it takes mere seconds to work. Simply sprinkle a dose (or two for long hair), comb through and then rinse out. If your hair has taken a battering in summer, this will leave it shinier and softer in an instant without coating your hair or weighing it down. It's like magic.

Keune Care Line Vital Nutrition Mask Moisturizing Mask for Dry Hair

This salon-professional mask feels luxe and rehydrates hair thanks to wheat proteins, Keravis and a blend of five essential minerals. Apply from root to tip, comb through and rinse for silky, soft hair.

Twist by Ouidad Curl Goals Moisture-Locking Leave-In Conditioner

This is the kind of curly leave-in conditioner that can be layered without build-up. It revives limp curls thanks to the camellia flower and rice protein in the formula.

Bread Beauty Supply MacAdamia Do-All Oil for Hair, and Everywhere

I adore using oils to seal in moisture, but some can be quite heavy and leave hair looking limp. This buy from Bread is versatile; you can load it on as a pre-wash, but I love to simply apply it on my lengths and ends to lock in moisture and lock out humidity.

Pattern Jojoba Oil Serum

If you have low-porosity hair like mine, you’ll like this serum for keeping curls looking juicy whether applied to damp or dry hair.

Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm

Flyaways can affect all hair types when humidity hits. For straight or wavy dry hair, a small amount of this worked through damp hair protects from heat and UV rays and keeps your locks smooth.

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