Everyone Is Wearing This New Denim Trend

More than anything else in my closet, denim is the one thing that gets the most wear. I’ll attribute this to my Arizona roots where denim was a huge part what I dressed in growing up. Later, after moving to L.A., which is no doubt the denim capital of the world, my penchant for it was only reinforced.

Since I wear jeans most days of the week, I always have my eye out for the latest denim trends to sweep the fashion world. In recent years, there have been plenty of shifts in the denim landscape—from skinny jeans to cropped styles to super flares to straight-leg cuts—that have been more about the silhouette than anything else. Recently, though, there’s a whole new movement in denim that is less about the shape and instead focused on interesting prints and patterns.

Fashion girls have been quick to hop on board with the new denim trend, but celebs like Hailey Baldwin have also been spotted wearing it. Scroll on to see the four major ways the stylish set is wearing it now, as well as my personal favorite way to wear the trend this fall.

Snake-Effect Print
Printed jean trends: snakeskin


The Style Stalker

This fall, one of the biggest trends to work into your wardrobe is animal print. Snake-effect jeans are already a big hit and feel fresh for the season ahead.

This cropped style is the perfect length to pair with ankle boots.

How can you pass up this affordable version from Zara?

Printed jean trends: logo


Getty Images

Logo prints are everywhere at the moment, and that doesn't stop with denim.

The exact pair Hailey Baldwin was snapped wearing.

The Fendi FF logo is back in a huge way.

Leopard, Leopard, Leopard
Printed jean trends: leopard



As I said, I'm a personal fan of the printed denim for fall and recently tried them for myself with leopard jeans—my favorite version of the trend.

This is the style I'm wearing in the photo above.

Saint Laurent's version is finished with a tapered hem.

You can also order the matching denim jacket.

Plaid Jeans
Printed jean trends: plaid



If you want to add variety to your collection of plaid but don't want to buy another blazer, try mixing in printed plaid jeans for fall.

How amazing are these half-and-half jeans?

Cropped to just the right length.

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