Princess Di's Most Minimal Outfits Can Basically Be Bought at Arket, COS and H&M

There are many Princess Diana fashion eras to remember fondly and feel compelled to rediscover every now and then, but when it comes to the late royal's style applying to my own wardrobe, there's one particular moment in time that feels most relevant. As much as I enjoy the pie-crust collars of the early days or the elaborate evening gowns of her years in the royal family, it's from around 1992 to 1994 where things really start to heat up outfit-wise.

This is when Lady Di started to show just how good she looked to following a "less is more" mantra. She made over the concept of jeans and a shirt, breathing new life into a fairly staid formula with her gold earrings, tan accessories and bare makeup. Her after-dark wares became more subtle and pared back, often in monochromatic ensembles featuring body-forming sheath dresses with very little detailing and worn with matching, sleek shoes. It's when her blazer wardrobe came out to play, and we all learnt a thing or two about how this one piece of tailoring can smarten any look under the sun.

What I've realised is that Diana's most minimal outfits are made of the pieces and combinations that I keep wish listing over at my favourite online stores. In fact, COS, & Other Stories, Arket and a couple of choice others all create the kind of plain, versatile, top-quality pieces that it takes to craft a wardrobe like this. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling to see what I mean…

Even the idea of adding white pumps to anything and everything feels right for 2019.

Could Diana get any cooler with her gold-buttoned blazer and extreme sunglasses? I think not.

Never forget that a little white dress can be just as effective as a little black one.

A truly iconic outfit, and it's still so current.

When in doubt, always add chic tan accessories.

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