Princess Diana Wore Kate Middleton's Favourite Sneakers 20 Years Ago

By now, Kate Middleton fans are probably aware of her penchant for wearing Superga's Cotu Classic Sneakers ($86). She's worn them on at least three different occasions: with an all-black outfita striped top, and a chic parka. But what you might not have known is that the late Princess Diana actually wore the same shoes 20 years ago, as Cosmopolitan Philippines pointed out.

Back in 1997, she wore the navy versions of the affordable sneakers on a Red Cross mission in Angola. Two decades later, her daughter-in-law opted for the white iterations, proving that the stylish sneakers definitely stand the test of time.

Scroll down to see how Princess Diana and Kate Middleton wore the same Superga sneakers 20 years apart.

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