Princess Diana's Most Incredible Dresses Are Coming to a New Exhibition

In February, Kensington Palace is opening its doors to host an incredible exhibition of Princess Diana's most memorable looks, titled Diana: Her Fashion Story. The exhibition of 26 outfits will include glamorous evening gowns from the '80s, as well as those Catherine Walker suits Diana wore for work in the '90s. Some are, of course, extremely memorable, including the blue velvet gown Diana wore to the White House dinner in 1985 at which she danced with John Travolta. 

Created by Victor Edelstein, the dress was bought for £100,000 as one of 10 pieces Diana sold two months' before her death in 1997. In 2013, the dress was sold and bought again, this time for £240,000.

Curating the show is Eleri Lynn, who revealed that this will very much be a story of Diana's fashion evolution and what that meant as she was navigating the rules of being a royal. "We see her growing in confidence throughout her life," Lynn said, "increasingly taking control of how she was represented, and intelligently communicating through her clothes."

Keep scrolling to see the picture of Diana dancing with Travolta and to find out when the exhibition will open.



Diana wearing a stunning blue velvet dress to the White House dinner, and dancing with John Travolta

Diana: Her Fashion Story opens at Kensington Palace in February 2017.

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Opening Image: JOHN SHELLY/REX/Shutterstock

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