I Used to Hate Strapless Bras, and Then I Found These

New Strapless Bra Trend



If you’re anything like me and prefer to avoid wearing a strapless bra, let me rock your world by introducing you to a style that might change it all for you. Full disclosure: I’m not full-chested, so I realize the option of going sans bra is limiting to many. For me, strapless bras feel so boring, and since I have the ability, I tend to go braless when I can. That said, when I came across this bandeau-style strapless bra from Fleur du Mal, I all of a sudden had the urge to reintroduce the style to my undergarments selection.

I want to point a couple reasons this particular bra caught my attention. First, I was attracted to the sweetheart silhouette, which lends a fresh take on the standard strapless look. Second, after wearing the bra for a few days, I can vouch that the material is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear over extended periods of time. Discovering this bra has made me rethink strapless bras in general and realize there are non-boring options that are equally functional as they are fun. Check out the Fleur du Mal bra below, plus more of my favorite pretty strapless bras at the end.

Also available in a neutral shade.

Free People has a great selection of affordable undergarments. 

This bra comes with the option of convertible straps.

If you're looking for one with a little bit of color. 

My favorite nude option out of the bunch. 

Very much into the idea of wearing this as a set. 

If you're looking for a statement lingerie set. 

Not to play favorites, but this might be the next strapless bra I'm adding to my wardrobe. 

The corset-style detail lends such a romantic vibe. 

You can wear this convertible bra several different ways. 

The subtle lace detailing is so pretty. 

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