The 16 Prettiest Nail Colours We Keep Seeing on the Fashion Set

There's a lot to consider when selecting the right nail polish. Does it complement your skin tone? Is it versatile enough to wear with your favourite clothes? Does it look cheap? While it's typically pretty simple to answer all these questions ourselves, there's also a very stylish crew we can look to for nail inspiration: the fashion set.

This flock of street style models, bloggers, and cool girls are not only clued in to the most of-the-moment sartorial selections, but they've also got a finger on the pulse of the prettiest and often most unexpected nail colours out there. They've got eyes for aesthetics, after all, so it makes perfect sense that such good taste would extend to the tips of their fingers.

Consider this your go-to guide of polishes you've been overlooking, and check out the 16 pretty nail colours we see fashion girls wearing all the time. Don't forget to screenshot your favourites and shop the polishes to try them out for yourself.

#1: Crimson

There's nothing more chic than a classic red manicure.

#2: Olive Green

This muted green hue is so cool and so beautiful.

#3: Light Brown

Although it's a step beyond a basic beige, this rich brown colour is still so versatile.

#4: White Pearl

This soft, shimmery glaze is totally elevated.

#5: Yellow Chiffon

Custard, but make it fashion.

#6: Lime Green

This highlighter hue is bold and surprisingly chic.

#7: Coral

This fun orangey-red is a more playful take on a classic crimson manicure.

#8: Sand

This standout neutral makes a statement without going overboard.

#9: Lilac

This is the perfect spring manicure colour.

#10: Deep Grey

We love this blue-gray colour hybrid.

#11: Blush Pink

It doesn't get much prettier than this delicate pink.

#12: Dark Plum

Ultraviolet nail colour.

#13: Baby Blue

A soft pastel is always a good idea.

#14: Opaque Peach

So much yes.

#15: Espresso

From coats to nail polish, deep brown is so in right now.

#16: Starry Black

Blast off.

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