9 Pretty Summer Makeup Looks We Can't Wait to Try Ourselves

I have never taken great joy out of applying my makeup. In fact, I’d say I have always regarded it as more of a chore. Having said that, in recent months, I have spent a lot of time experimenting with makeup application in my spare time and speaking at length with makeup artists to see if they can help me get out of my rut. As a result, I have spent most of 2022 honing certain makeup techniques that make my morning routine a little more joyful.

And I'm pleased to admit that I think I might have cracked it. I have been dedicating 10 minutes every morning to experimenting with different looks, and I have found that it's the perfect creative way to start my day. My Instagram Saved folders are full to the brim with beautiful makeup looks that I am itching to re-create, from pretty pastel eye looks to glowing glass skin. I have never been more inspired to dig out my makeup bag and get playing.

Now that summer is on the horizon and the sun is starting to shine (between the snow flurries, of course), I’m feeling ready to embrace all of the makeup. And it would seem I’m not alone, as people far and wide (including fellow Who What Wear editors) are slowly starting to reach for their summer makeup stashes once more.

Sound like something you can relate to? Keep scrolling for all of the pretty summer makeup looks we can’t wait to try.

1. Lilac Lids

Pretty Makeup Looks: Lilac lids



Creative, colourful eye looks have proved a big makeup trend already this year (we call it the Euphoria effect), and it looks set to continue as we head into spring. If you're not keen on strong, graphic looks, lean towards a softer, pastel-washed palette. Look out for lilac in particular, which will be everywhere from eyes to nails.

2. Beachy Glow 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Beachy Glow



I highly doubt that there will ever be a summer when sun-kissed, glowing skin isn't trending, and I'm really not mad about it. This year, more than ever, it's about stepping out into the light and embracing everything from juicy lips to radiant cheekbones.

Pretty Makeup Looks: Statement Lip



Previously the domain of winter months, matte lips are going to be everywhere this summer—the bolder, the better. Try tomato reds and hot pinks for a classic statement look or foray into the world of purples and tangerines if you're feeling bold.

4. Bronzy Shimmer 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Bronzy Shimmer



Shimmering taupes, golden glosses and terracotta sheens are where it's at right now. Think Jennifer Lopez in the early '00s, and you're halfway there. The best thing about this look is that dewy skin always looks good—opt for shimmering formulations for eyes, cheeks and lips, and you'll be positively glowing all summer long.

5. Pretty Peach 

When people ask me where to start with adding colour to their makeup bags, peach is a shade that I always recommend, as it's so versatile. Paler skin tones look beautiful in a petal-soft wash of it while a deeper, orange-tinged peach looks incredible on deeper skin tones. Plus, it works on eyes, cheeks and lips.

Pretty Makeup Looks: Glossy Lids



It's not often that editorial beauty looks truly work in everyday life, but I'd argue that glossy eyelids look just as good at the pub as they do in a magazine. In fact, as long as you can cope with the fact that there's no way of getting such a sheeny eye look to stay in place all day, it's a pretty low-maintenance approach to eye colour. Pat on your chosen colour with your eyelids, and head out to play.

7. Pink Shimmer 

From our wardrobes to our makeup bags, pink is officially the colour of summer, and it's bringing me joy. From shimmering roses to vibrant peonies, there's a pink to suit every mood and occasion.

8. Glass Skin 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Glass Skin



Makeup artists agree that healthy skin with a glass-like glow is going to be one of the biggest beauty moods of 2022. Whatever your skincare routine, it's easy to achieve a reflective complexion with the help of just a few key products—a cream highlighter and a dewy setting spray.

Pretty makeup looks: Matte skin



On the flip side, matte skin is also having a moment. However, unlike the heavy '90s-style full foundations, this new wave of shine-free skin is created using lightweight foundations and new-generation powder formulations so that your natural complexion still shows through.

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