These Are the Prettiest Spring Accessories I Could Find

I don't know about you, but I'm really in the mood to practically toss aside my style and let it run wild. Every spring feels like a perfect time to scroll the internet for unnecessarily gorgeous accessories, but this year feels especially so. Just plain gorgeous, not necessarily practical, accessories. Because for me (and I suspect I'm not alone), there's such a lovely comfort in looking at beautiful things. Sometimes accessories don't need to serve any other purpose than to spark joy in one's outfits.

Do I need a pink straw hat, a pearl headband or a satin bag right now? Practically speaking, maybe not, but I do love them, and that's enough for me. But there's something priceless about the way wearing adorable accessories is making me feel at the minute. I've been wearing clip-on earrings around the house recently, just because I can. Spring is in the air, and I am in the mood to lighten my look with the prettiest of pieces. These accessories don't need a reason for being in one's wardrobe other than the fact that they are just plain adorable.

From pastels to florals and delicate details, keep scrolling to see and shop the prettiest accessories I could find. 


Pretty Accessories 2020: Maria Bernad with a Shrimps Beaded Bag



This mint colour is so refreshing.




Prada Ruched Hobo Bag in Blue Nylon

I cannot get enough of Shrimps bags, and this Liberty edition is so sweet.

Imagine doing your shopping with this.

These cuties are made from deadstock fabric and therefore have a limited run.


Pretty Accessories 2020: Daphine Oli Ring



An instant classic, these worked stacked or alone.

These would look so cute with a white tee and jeans.


Pretty Accessories 2020: Scrunchie



Pair these with little summer heels for a cute accent.

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