I Believe One of the Coolest Things You Can Do Is Wear Old Clothes

Just like weddings, birthday parties, job interviews and opportunities where you'll bump into exes/frenemies/horrible bosses, it's all too easy to be sent into a fashion spin which leads to a shopping bender. We've all been there, and I will probably continue to fall into that predictable fashion hole on occasion for the rest of time. However, for the period that usually sends me into the biggest cash-depleting frenzy (Fashion Week!) the gauntlet was thrown down my friends at Vestiaire Collective: they wanted me to take on their #vestiairecollectivefwchallenge. This meant wearing all pre-loved clothes and not buying anything new. At all. Not even a little something-something. 

I've never wanted to shop so much.

So, I maybe buckled under the pressure a couple of times when I felt like I couldn't find the "perfect trousers" to go with a shirt or the exact bag to match a certain colour outfit (everything is currently being sent back, I promise) but with a little careful planning, a bit of creative shopping from within my own closet, and pinpointing the accessories that go with everything I own, I managed to make it work—and enjoyed it. Scroll to get my tips on wearing and buying pre-loved clothes and accessories that you'll feel forever happy with…