These Ingenious Pre-Styled Dresses Save Your Sanity and Your Mornings

The fashion gods are being kind to us this year. You don't need to iron clothes anymore thanks to the runway's interest in crinkled and wrinkled fabrics. You don't have to meticulously match anything—the more offbeat your combinations, the better. You don't have to buy anything new—girls like Leandra Medine are extolling the virtues of wearing the exact same thing they wore three years ago. And now this: an influx of pre-styled, pre-layered dresses heading into stores. It's a micro retail trend that is going to make a massive difference in your daily routine.

Just think of the time you'll save not having to choose/press/experiment with faffing over artistic layering. And, if we're talking about cost, these arranged pieces are no more expensive because they contain essentially two looks in one. So by opting for one of these twofors (that's what those in the know call them), you're being economical in all ways. Thanks, designers!

Scroll down to see and shop the best pre-styled pieces we've found…

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