The 7 Ways You Can Dress With Your Bezzie, According to Pre-Fall 2016

Getting ready with your best friend(s) is one of life's greatest small pleasures, and although it's not as common an occurrence as it was during those teenage years, we relish the chance wherever and whenever possible. It's also an experience—or literal mode of dressing—that looks set to be further enhanced by next year's pre-fall collections.

This year put many a fashionable friendship on the map (see this Italian style squad or Gigi and Kendall for starters), and we know from the street style snappers that two outfits for the price of one is a dream shot, but it looks like designers may also be partial to the theory that those who style together, stay together. (Or the createurs simply want to show off more ensembles per season; either way, we are happy customers). Just think: Alessandro Michele's new Gucci would be nothing without it's full kooky girl gang in action, each one repping their own strand of mismatched attire. Equally, the purists may want to pledge their allegiance to each other, too; see MM6 and the slouchy pinstripe tailoring below. 

This doesn't herald the arrival of restrictive uniforms, or Mean Girls–'inspired Tuesdays whereupon you and your pals can only wear pink, but it does give you an excuse, should you want it, to get all matchy matchy with your main babe. 

Scroll through the gallery below to get some double outfit inspo and you don't have to wait until 2016—you can shop similar looks now!

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