Prediction: Prada's Classic Nylon Bags Are Going to Stage a Comeback

In the late '90s and early '00s, any hip girl (or dedicated minimalist) worth her salt would have clambered over hot coals to get her hands on Miuccia Prada's utilitarian nylon backpacks. They were It, and other, flashier pieces of arm candy were discarded in favor of the nonchalance that this offbeat purchase provided. We've been through many phases of must-have bags since that time—remember the chunky hardware of Chloé Paddingtons, the simplicity of Céline's Classic, the bells and whistles of anything from Fendi or Chanel?—and we're now at the point in 2017 where almost anything goes on the luxury-goods front. There are pared-back options aplenty (see The Row, Hermès or Saint Laurent), medium-size statements (a Loewe or Chloé, say) and all-out craziness (think Gucci, Dolce and so on with the Italian brands). There's also the cost-effective flip side, with the rise of cheap-as-chips basket and net bags. Is it any wonder then the cool kids have come around to Prada's nylon pieces again?