The Most "Unattractive" Underwear Is Currently Selling Like Crazy

Step aside, lace, satin, and any other "sassy" sort of material for your underwear, as practical lingerie is currently selling like crazy. After speaking to Lyst, a global fashion search platform, the most popular kind of underwear right now is the more "unattractive" kind. Brands known for offering up simpler style of bras, knickers, and everything else you might want in your underwear drawers are on the rise.

According to Lyst, "More functional lingerie brands are doing well," such as Hanro, Les Girls Les Boys and Skin, all of which seen significant increases in traffic over the past three months. If you're not into complicated underwear and want something that's functional but chic, then we've rounded up the three brands below and which pieces you might want to shop. Keep scrolling for our guide to practical underwear.


Hanro is a Swiss brand that has been going since 1884, and while it started off with silk and lace, the label has evolved to embrace the wellness trend. Since the '90s, Hanro has championed more comfort-led pieces with a focus on cotton underwear that fits perfectly. On Lyst, views of Hanro's Temptation Spacer Bra have increased 29% in the last six weeks.

Les Girls Les Boys

Launched this year by the founder of Agent Provocateur, Serena Rees, Les Girls Les Boys is a more modern and youthful take on underwear, not to mention it's gender-fluid. On Lyst, the most searched for are these ribbed briefs.


As the third-most-searched-for practical underwear brand on Lyst right now, Skin is great to invest in if you're looking for chic pieces that won't show through your clothes. From the crop tops to the bralettes and the elegant knickers, these are ideal if you really hate anything too fancy on your underwear. 

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