4 Women With "Power Uniforms" That Will Stand the Test of Time

As someone who has been known to change outfits an average of 37 times before leaving the house, I can only imagine how liberating and wonderful it must feel to have a signature style and allow every look to revolve around it. Having fuss-free, versatile items that work together results in a truly economical way of shopping and curates your "forever" wardrobe.

Many of you often ask us about how to craft a personal style, and that's because it's somewhat harder than it sounds. To me, a uniform or trademark outfit is the epitome of nailing it, but when attempting to pinpoint your own, it can be helpful to look to those who have already achieved such fashion greatness.

There are a few women who come to mind when I think about these "power uniforms." I'm not talking about power dressing in its first, shoulder pad–poking form; instead, I'm referring to its quieter, more modern guise. Concocting formulas that are instantly "you" holds potent authority whether you work as a receptionist or head up an American fashion magazine empire (hi, Anna Wintour).

Being recognisable and comfortable in your choices will lead to greater confidence and greater success when it comes to spending money on your wardrobe. After all, I doubt that Carine Roitfeld (pictured below) has ever bothered straying into pleated midi skirt territory when she's so tied to pencil silhouettes.

No matter the trends or shifting sands of fashion retail, if you can find the essential elements that make you look your best, you can truly start to build a comprehensive, conscious collection of clothes and accessories. It doesn't mean you have to avoid something unexpected and of-the-moment, but you'll look at these It items as a cherry on top rather than the main event.

So without further ado, let's look at the women who have this power uniform idea wrapped up with a bow.

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