The 8 New Rules of Modern Power Dressing

Power dressing for work: an old-fashioned patriarchal obligation or an empowering and liberating experience when taken into one's own hands? Once upon a time, the concept was in place for women to further assert their authority in predominantly male environments; those constraints still, unfortunately, exist in many a workplace, but many women now power-dress for themselves as well. Your working wardrobe can be your armour, but it can also be an excuse for fashion indulgences and shopping joy—after all, these are the clothes you spend 70% of your time in.

So the codes and regulations of modern power dressing have relaxed, but that can actually make the process of getting ready each day for work somewhat more complicated. How casual is too casual? Do suits sit within an entire no-go zone? Can flats command a room in the same way heels (supposedly) do? There are some seriously archaic rules that we are more than happy to break, so keep reading to receive some stylish pointers on power dressing for work now.