18 Inspiring Women Share Their Power Outfits—the Results Couldn't Be More Varied

In our January series How to Get Dressed Again, Who What Wear UK is all about the idea that it’s not about a “brand-new you” but a “best you—full stop.” Emerging out of hibernation and back into normality only to own every room, we’re looking at the methods, ideas, tricks and inspiration that guide you into 2018 in the softest, calmest and kindest-to-yourself ways. Forget fads and racing to the finish line. This is all about one clever step at a time and setting yourself up for an entirely stylish year.

There’s no debating that power dressing for women is a million miles away from the archetypal aesthetic created at its boom in the 1980s: Our working lives have changed to no end (hands up if your home is now also your office), and status and success can be achieved without the need of stilettos to smash through a glass ceiling or severe shoulder-pads to jab co-workers’ eyes out. Casual attire has even filtered into the stuffiest of workplaces—although we are more than aware that many corners of the professional world, such as certain law firms or finance companies, do still enforce traditional dress codes.

Despite the inequality that still exists in many industries (do we even need to mention #TimesUp here?), there’s less of an interest in the concept of “power dressing” as it once existed: Now your outfit is bolstering the power, talent and skills within, and anyone with a love for fashion and its mood-enhancing qualities will vouch for that. So rather than give you a one-formula-fits-all solution for those days where you aren’t quite sure how to walk the line between pulled-together and unleashing your personal style, I spoke to 17 working women to get their most trusted ensembles.

The “power pose” outfits if you will— combinations that make these already-impressive ladies feel even stronger and fully prepped for the days, weeks and months ahead. Keep scrolling to see what doctors, authors, fashion bloggers, poets, digital gurus and more revealed to me.