The Smile-Inducing Outfits Fashionable Women Are Wearing Post-Lockdown

Does your wardrobe bring you joy? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves ever since Marie Kondo entered our lives and prompted us to rethink the items we own based on their potential to spark happiness.

To hazard a guess, I'd say that over the last year, many of us have been focused instead on items that bring us comfort (think stretchy waistbands, cosy knitwear and the like). Though with lockdown plans now easing in the UK—albeit cautiously—there's a newfound sense of optimism in the air, and that is certainly being reflected in our wardrobes. 

With this in mind, I tapped eight of the most stylish women I follow in the UK to find out about the joyful outfits they'll be wearing post-lockdown, whether it be to head to the pub, park or a fancy rooftop restaurant.

What I learned from this sartorial experiment is that joy comes in many forms. For some, it means putting on the brightest dress you can find and pairing it alongside spring accessories, while for others, it is donning your chicest tracksuit and elevating the look with a pair of really great heels. Keep scrolling for eight smile-inducing outfits stylish women are planning to wear post-lockdown. 

Lauren-Nicole Coppin Campbell

"Now more than ever, I'm owning my body and wearing whatever the hell I want. Life is too short, and the pandemic has really taught me to enjoy every moment I can. So this year, I'm all about trying fun prints, bold colours, and wearing the things I once thought would only look good on me if I lost weight." 

Michelle Driscoll

"This is the perfect dress to go from strolling in the park to drinks with pals in the evening. I'm always drawn to buttery yellow tones as soon as the sun comes out, and this sustainable, made-to-order dress from my collection with Franks is ideal for the warmer weather!" 

Post Lockdown Outfits: Peony Lim



"I can't wait to wear belts and heels again. I think accessories went totally out the window for me during lockdown. But a girly lunch dressed up in this layered spring look will be just the thing I've been missing. I love this big tote too. It needs somewhere to go!"

Alice and Hannah of Belle & Bunty

Post Lockdown Outfits: Belle and Bunty



"The joyous explosion of mismatched prints and bright colours on these Fresha London dresses puts a great big smile on our faces! The bias-cut skirt shape, puff sleeves and bow details are super feminine yet easy to wear and comfortable. We are planning to wear dresses nonstop this spring/summer and getting the use out of all our favourite dresses this year. We're going to dress them down for everyday with high-top trainers and basket bags!" 

Thandi Maqubela

Post Lockdown Outfits: Thandi Maqubela



"Cecilie Bahnsen dresses are, to my mind, a sartorial representation of fun and freedom, being precisely the tonic we need right now. This dress, which I rented from By Rotation, straddles the line between that dressed-up look while feeling effortlessly stylish without being OTT, making it perfect for anything from dinner at my favourite restaurant to long weekend pub lunches with friends."

Tanice Elizabeth

"Sweats made night-out-appropriate with heels! I like to think that I will be wearing full Met Gala looks to the pub, but the reality is that the outfit that I will be wearing for a night out post-lockdown will be my Frankie Shop sweatsuit along with my Gia x RHW sandals, paired with some chunky jewellery and a staple bag. I want to be comfortable but still look fire, and since lockdown saw the rise of the sweats, I will be so delighted to wear sweats out, dressed up to the nines."

"I cannot wait to meet one of my friends for lunch and wear this white Batsheva dress that I got in the sale back in January. I love this outfit. It’s got all my favourite ingredients for warmer weather, and this patchwork waistcoat makes it feel so spring-like." 

Lorna Humphrey

"It's so nice that London is slowly getting back to normal with restrictions being lifted. For my going-out look, I am wearing a knitted midi skirt and top with a trench coat for an evening out with friends. I'm wearing loafers, as I want more of a relaxed and comfortable look." 

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