I'm in My 30s—Here's What I'll Never Wear Again

Welcome to My Post-30 Wardrobe, a series in which our editor Allyson shares with you her experiences and advice pertaining to shopping and outfit planning as a 30-something fashion editor. While Allyson's style has certainly changed since she turned 30, she also believes that age is just a number and you should wear whatever makes you feel the coolest and most confident.

Upon turning 30 a few years ago, I didn't exactly wake up one day and decide I can't wear this or that anymore. I've just found that as time passes, there are things I wore in my 20s that I simply don't want to wear anymore and that I don't feel mesh with the rest of my current wardrobe. That said, everyone has a different aesthetic, and what doesn't work for me post–age 30 may still work for you. And that's perfectly fine. In case you're curious, though, keep scrolling to find out which 10 items I'm skipping for the foreseeable future, and see (IRL) and shop the pieces I presently wear on repeat.

Ditched: Ultra-skinny skinny jeans
Kept: Straight skinny jeans

Skintight jeans are something I left behind with my 20s, although I haven't skipped skinny jeans altogether. Instead, I opt for styles that are a little roomier, which looks cooler to me now.

Ditched: Cheesy graphic tees
Kept: Special graphic tees

No French-saying tees (just an example) for me anymore. These days, I shop for ones that are unique and a bit more interesting. Clearly, this unicorn rainbow tee fits the bill. (It's sold out, but here's hoping Re/Done brings it back!)

Ditched: Shorts with an under-3" inseam
Kept: Modest shorts

I used to practically live in short shorts in the summer, but I don't feel very comfortable in them anymore. Luckily, there are plenty of cool styles on the market that are longer (and, for the record, I disagree that cutoffs shouldn't be worn post-30).

Ditched: Trendy sunglasses that don't look good on me
Kept: Classic, cool ones that actually flatter my face

I'm always very intrigued by the latest trendy It sunglasses, used to order them without even trying them on, and subsequently wore them even if they didn't suit me. These days, I invest in more-classic styles that I'll wear for years—like this Krewe pair that I'm obsessed with.

Ditched: Glitter sneakers
Kept: Neutral kicks

I went through a bit of a sparkly sneaker phase at some point in my 20s, which I'm relieved to say I've outgrown. They were certainly fun, but I've learned that versatile sneakers suit me better in life.

Ditched: Boho gear
Kept: Two-piece sets

Not that I was ever much of a boho girl, but there were times when I dabbled with it in my 20s. I eventually learned that it didn't suit me, and when I want to wear something fun when the weather is warm, I gravitate toward chic two-piece sets.

Ditched: Tulle
Kept: Silk and satin

Although Sarah Jessica Parker pulled it off beautifully, I'd feel a little silly wearing tulle at this point. But something that I'll never retire is sophisticated silk and satin pieces, like this Réalisation dress.

Ditched: Low-rise jeans and leggings
Kept: High-rise styles

I don't find low-rise jeans and leggings to be all that flattering, but I wore them anyway when they were cool. Luckily, I don't think high rises are going anywhere ever, and my outfits are so much better for it.

Ditched: Short and tight dresses and skirts
Kept: Flowy ones

Some of the tight dresses and skirts that are still lingering in my closet make me cringe… I'm much happier when wearing something that skims instead of hugs.

Ditched: Flip-Flops
Kept: Rubber or leather slides

Despite the fact that flip-flops emerged as a trend last summer, I'd much rather where pool slides, which offer considerably more polish.

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