You Need a "Power" Tee and You Need It Fast

you Need a “Power” Tee and You Need It Fast: Annabelle Wallis in Dior's feminist slogan tee


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Actress Annabelle Wallis rocking Dior's agenda-setting tee during Paris Fashion Week.

If you've been on the hunt for a new T-shirt recently, you'll know that you can't move the powerful slogan styles on offer right now—International Women's Day last week was enough to confirm it. Trumping the plain white tee in the desirability stakes is one that’s printed, embroidered or embellished with a message that's funny, brazen or occasionally just plain abstract.

This season is all about choosing the message you want to convey across your chest wisely. And as a culturally aware person in this current turbulent climate, wanting to show your stance on many important topics has never been so easy—particularly when it comes to girl power.

you Need a “Power” Tee and You Need It Fast: Adwoa Aboah


Instagram/Adwoa Aboah

Model and Gurls talk activist Adwoa Aboah at a protest sporting one of her tees.

Blame Dior's 2017 winner, the "We Should All Be Feminists" tee, for the abundance of pro-female slogan tops everywhere now—but whereas copycat style is usually frowned upon, this means only good things when it comes to female sartorial strength. Along with a slew of collaborations in honour of International Women's Day and activist models, such as Adwoa Aboah, the "power tee" has never been so available, so stylish or so important.

you Need a “Power” Tee and You Need It Fast: Transgender model Maxim Magnus


Instagram/Maxim Magnus

Transgender model Maxim Magnus

The only decision you need to make is which school to subscribe to: sisterhood, protest or confrontation? In fact, who are we to say you can have them all? And if you can’t make peace with the fact that the iconic Dior style costs more than your annual gym membership, take comfort in the fact that supply is plentiful, and we’ve rounded up our favourites below for you. 

We love the marriage of empowering slogan plus the American collegiate style of this top.

Put a spring in your step—and look—with this rainbow top.

You’ll actually find these slogan tees in the men’s section of Weekday, which makes us respect the Scandi brand even more. Wear with stonewashed jeans for a '90s-inspired look.

If you can't stretch to Stella McCartney's tee, this Mango style shares the same school of thought.

We love that Rosie Assoulin is celebrating the ultimate woman: grandma.

The image captured by Micol Sabbadini on this tee was taken during the 2017 Women’s March in New York City, and all proceeds will go towards Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organisation founded by Christy Turlington Burns, dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

Next up, discover the denim piece you'll 100% wear for the next 12 months.

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