What 10 Women From All Over the World Are Buying From Zara

In case you aren't familiar with The Devils Wear Zara, it's an Instagram account run by my best friend, Mimi Postigo, and I. We started it as a way to make women around the world celebrate their obsession with Zara, but it quickly turned into a large community of women tagging and sharing their latest Zara purchases with us.

To prove to you just how large this community of Zara lovers is (and to show you some cool new Zara pieces along the way), we went through our tagged photos and selected 10 women from all over the world who's new Zara pieces are truly next-level. Now, when I say from all over the world, I mean all over the world. Ahead, you'll see outfit ideas from Norway, Mumbai, California, France and beyond.

New York

You might want the neon jeans to match.


If you don't already own cowboy boots, this is the perfect beginner pair. 


Transitional spring dressing has never been easier. 


These shoes might just be the most popular Zara shoes of the entire season. 


We'd pair this with bike shorts for a trendy spring ensemble. 


It's time to up the ante.

Hong Kong

News flash: No one is sick of snakeskin yet. 


This blazer is spring's answer to tweed.


The cutest mini statement bag. 


Tailoring with a twist. 

Next up, shop the key trends for spring/ summer 2019. 

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