3 Haircuts London Girls Are Asking for Right Now

I've always been fascinated by the ways fashion and beauty trends change and evolve as you travel throughout the UK. Whether it's a penchant for dress-and-boot combos on the streets of Birmingham or a Manchester-based fashion label that has stolen the hearts of everyone in Blighty, our editors are always on the lookout for regional style nuances as much as global ones. So while we've already taken a deep dive into the trending hairstyles of women around the world, I thought it was time to look a little closer to home for the hairstyles that are going to shape our autumn/winter outlook—starting with my hometown of London.

Popular women's haircuts in London: Emma Hill with blonde bob



I caught up with London-based hairdresser Carly Price, partner stylist at Muse of London and hairstylist Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bone, to ask them which hairstyles London girls were asking for in-salon right now. And it turns out, there are three key hairstyles pretty much everyone will be stepping out with on the streets of the capital this autumn/winter. Keep scrolling to discover the most popular women's haircuts in London right now, as well as some expert tips on updating your style for the season ahead.

1. The Shag

I've lost count of the number of friends who recommended Netflix's Russian Doll to me this year, and while I have yet to watch it, I'm well aware of the impact lead actor Natasha Lyonne has had on the increasing penchant for '70s-style hairstyles—in particular, the shag.

Burnett confirmed that London girls are asking for these "long '60s and '70s styles" in their droves. The trademark characteristics of the style? "Layered with eye-skimming fringes," he explained. 

It's not just that London girls have been binging on boxsets more than other regions either. "Hair this year has definitely been more natural and effortless, and shags have been a highly requested look in the salon due to this," Price told me.

Plus, if you already have naturally wavy or curly hair, the shag is a great hairstyle for you. "This type of cut requires lots of movement and texture, and can be created by incorporating layers into the hair," said Price. "The key to this look is to look almost unstyled. Therefore, using a simple salt spray to finish this look and provide the style with added texture and grit is perfect."

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Spray this fresh-smelling texture spray through damp hair and twist strands with your fingers to add that cool-girl texture to your shag hairstyle.

This is one hairstyle that looks better with some lift at the roots so spray a volumising spray like this one from We Are Paradoxx to boost texture at your roots.

If you're opting for a fringe with your shag hairstyle, dry shampoo will be your new best friend. Spray it at the front of your hair to soak up excess oil between washes.

2. The Bob

Ah, the most classic hairstyle of them all: the bob. It comes round time and time again, but right now, Burnett informed me that London girls are asking for "collarbone-length bobs." It's not as short as an Anna Wintour–esque hairstyle but not as long as a lob (which we might just be coming to later).

"Bobs, particularly blunt bobs, have made a huge comeback recently, with so many celebrities sporting the trend and the hairstyle blowing up over social media," said Price. The key to the perfect blunt bob is the sharper, the better, so ask your stylist for a super-sharp blunt bob." 

When it comes to the length that London girls are loving, "the hairstyle should sit above the shoulders, around chin length," confirmed Price. 

"It looks great whether worn tousled and effortless or sleek and smooth. Fringes are also in for autumn/winter, and we've had so many people coming into the salon teaming their blunt bob with a sharp fringe for extra drama," says Price.

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Whether you want to wear your bob poker-straight or wavy, these straightening irons from Cloud Nine make it easy to smooth, curl and wave your hair for your desired finish.

The best bobs are all about that high-shine finish, so use a gloss-boosting mist—like this one from Color Wow—to add plenty of luminosity. 

Keep those blunt ends looking polished once you've left the hair salon with this strand-sealing serum.

3. The Lob

Having just dedicated an entire feature to this timeless, mid-length hairstyle, it was no surprise to me that the lob is one of the most popular women's haircuts in London right now. "When Kim Kardashian West was spotted with her glass-like shiny lob, this trend went crazy," said Price.

If you're tempted by a bob but don't feel ready to embrace short hair quite yet, the lob could be right up your street. "This hairstyle is perfect for those who don't want to go too short and want to keep some length but still give their hair an update for the season," agreed Price.

"The great thing about this hairstyle is that it suits all face shapes and textures. Again, like the bob, can be worn sleek and straight or textured and messy. It's so versatile," Price says.

As for styling? "This haircut also looks particularly great with a middle parting, but for those who need more volume, switching to a side parting can provide this and give hair extra body instantly," said Price.

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