14 Gucci Items That Could Go Viral

gucci belt bag


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Ever since Alessandro Michele took the helm at Gucci, we can't remember what the fashion world was like when there wasn't a Gucci It item that everyone was clamouring for during any given season. It all started with the fur-lined Princetown Slippers, followed by the Double-G Belt, the Logo T-Shirt, the Cat-Eye Sunglasses, and the Belt Bag, to name a few. Despite the luxury price tags of the viral Gucci items in question, the waiting lists are long when they hit their peak. Given the enduring popularity of Gucci pieces these days, it's easy to see the pricey purchase as an investment.

Well, a new season is upon us, so the million-pound question is what the next Gucci It item will be, and we happen to have a few inklings. There's a fresh crop of bags, shoes, shades, and even swimsuits on our radar for S/S 18, and 14 pieces, in particular, could have what it takes to go viral. Find out why below, and shop them while you still can.

This is already sold out in most retailers, but you can still snap it up on Gucci's site. 

Available in sizes XS to L.

You already know and love the Double-G Gucci belt, but have you seen the rainbow-crystal belt? It's brand-new and quickly selling out.

A tongue-in-cheek line of Guccy accessories debuted on the S/S 18 runway, and we can see them being a hit among the street style crowd.

Given the enduring pool-slide craze, this new pair with loafer-inspired details is sure to be a hit this summer.

Available in sizes 34 to 42.

We can't think of many things more Instagrammable than this fun blouse.

This new belt bag may even be better (and more timeless) than the original.

We spotted these mules on the street style scene throughout fashion month, and they have comfort and a lower-than-average price tag going for them.

Given the popularity of the Gucci logo tee and the colour red, we think this tank is destined for viral greatness.

Can you think of a better way to accessorise your beach selfies this summer?

Another style we've been spotting on the fashion crowd more and more as of late, these new mules are just the right amount of fancy.

The futuristic sunglasses trend is still going strong, so these could very well be the next Gucci It shades.

We love how timeless and polished this new logo bag is and are predicting the rest of the world will too.

Combat boots are having a major moment, and we love the brand's cool interpretation of the trend.

Last but not least, Gucci's new Elton John capsule collection is in perfect keeping with the '80s revival that's currently reigning supreme in fashion—and in perfect memory of the man taking his farewell tour this year.

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