14 Gucci Items That Could Go Viral


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Ever since Alessandro Michele took the helm at Gucci, we can't remember what the fashion world was like when there wasn't a Gucci It item that everyone was clamouring for during any given season. It all started with the fur-lined Princetown Slippers, followed by the Double-G Belt, the Logo T-Shirt, the Cat-Eye Sunglasses, and the Belt Bag, to name a few. Despite the luxury price tags of the viral Gucci items in question, the waiting lists are long when they hit their peak. Given the enduring popularity of Gucci pieces these days, it's easy to see the pricey purchase as an investment.

Well, a new season is upon us, so the million-pound question is what the next Gucci It item will be, and we happen to have a few inklings. There's a fresh crop of bags, shoes, shades, and even swimsuits on our radar for S/S 18, and 14 pieces, in particular, could have what it takes to go viral. Find out why below, and shop them while you still can.