The #1 Trending Going-Out Looks in France, Japan, and More


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We're enamored with the style habits of women across the globe. And as the world continues to shrink (thanks in large part to social media), it's becoming increasingly easy to learn about and get inspired by the fashion of different cultures. While we're always intrigued by what women wear to work and in their day-to-day lives, we're equally as curious about what they wear when they're going out. Seriously—who doesn't want to know how polished French girls or cool Japanese women dress when they're hitting the town? We sure do.

Well, to pinpoint exactly what's trending in going-out style the world over, we turned to some of our favorite fashion influencers, magazines, blogs, and Instagram feeds to get the lowdown. To be honest, the results really run the gamut—some ladies tend to pull out all the stops when they're heading to a bar or a club, while others prefer to keep it simple and chill for drinks with their friends. Which style speaks to you most? You'll have to keep scrolling to find out—and shop going-out items inspired by each region, too.

"We have a kind of relaxed but refined after-dark style. We'll do washed-out jeans, a top with some personality—maybe backless—and low heels, or maybe a simple Zimmermann slip with a right-now third piece like a choker or hoop earrings. We don't try too hard, and being overdressed is a thing here. I guess with our beach-to-bar vibe, we're about practicality without sacrificing on style." — Alison Rice, fashion editor, Who What Wear Australia

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As we highlighted from Garance Doré’s book, Love Style Life, French girls don't want to be seen when they go out. "You'd better know that the Parisian will do everything she can to avoid being photographed, because wanting to have your picture taken is way too try-hard," Doré mentions in her book. "She dresses in her eternal outfit of jeans and high heels with her hair down. Because, really, getting dressed up means you care. She's got better things to do."


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"As you know, Russia is a very big country, and therefore it is hard to pinpoint the style of its female population. It differs considerably from town to town and city to city. So if you let me, I'll talk about a very specific style of the women who live in St. Petersburg, the city where I am based. Ladies from St. Petersburg, in my opinion, are very fond of minimalism and are loyal to this style no matter what they do and where they go, whether they’re going out for a meal or to a trendy bar envisioning a long night out.

"Girls usually choose clothes of black, rich gray, navy blue, and other deep colors. They prefer skinny jeans, jersey dresses, and biker jackets. Ladies here prefer comfortable shoes over killer heels, yet if stilettos are her choice for the night, she will be wearing them from sunset to dawn. She is not a cheat who swaps her heels for ballet flats when the clock strikes midnight." — Vita Kovaleva, blogger, La Vita Mia

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"Hands down, it’s all about bare shoulders for a night out. Women from L.A. to NYC (and everywhere in between) have been indulging in the off-the-shoulder trend styled with casual denim pieces, like cutoffs or skinny jeans. Plus, it's such a flattering, versatile look that you can dress it up with a pair of heels or down with cute sneakers and still feel amazing." — Nicole Kliest, style director, Who What Wear 


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"When it comes to enjoying a night out on the town, women in South Africa get dressed up. Even someone like me, whose day-to-day personal style is casual and comfortable, has at least one amazing dress or jumpsuit or a pair of leather shorts or sequins that's perfect for a night out. Something with a bit of drama, worn with pair of statement heels and a full face of makeup, because during the day, we keep it pretty low-key, in terms of dressing." — Thithi Nteta, editor, Tee Tee Is With Me

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As USA Today pointed out in a piece on how to dress for a Brazil, "Choose colorful, flattering clothing in Rio de Janeiro and other large cities. Sexy outfits or shorts and tank tops for women are not out of place. Dress more conservatively in the south and the interior of the country, choosing clothing that is chic but not too revealing."

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"For a dressed-up look, I see a lot of Korean women shooting for a classy yet kitschy chic style, reverting from the sexy tones of many cultures. It is high-fashion mixed with the cuteness that defines much of Seoul fashion. Korean women love drapery, ruffles, and layered looks, so this new bustier-over-a-blouse look has become very popular." — Yoona Park, marketing manager, W Concept

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As supermodel Mariacarla Boscono told recently, Italian women love to dress up. "We have a history; we love to dress up and be well-groomed … I grew up with a saying: 'It doesn't matter what you wear, or where you go, but your hair always has to be brushed.' So in Italy, we come from that kind of culture—where how you present yourself is important."

"I would say the majority of the time, it's about elevating what you've already been wearing to work—so whether that's with a change of shoes (heels, of course!) or a slash of lipstick, the 14-hour wardrobe is king here. Dress-code boundaries vary from office to office, but the one thing I know most girls share in common is a separate selection of shoes under their desks, ready for a night out!" — Hannah Almassi, editorial director, Who What Wear UK

As Condé Nast Traveler reports, "In Harajuku, you'll see young people in outfits brighter than the neon signs in Shibuya, or kitted out to look like a '50s greaser. Unless you're a teenager, though, you'll need to look more polished. Men tend to get more leeway than women. You'll find women most often turned out in a sharp skirt, blouse, and heels."

While it varies depending where you are in India, Condé Nast Traveler highlighted what to wear if you're going out to a party in a piece about various dress codes: "Since beautiful silk is readily available, women commission local seamstresses to make sleek knee-length tunics with side slits and legging-like pants worn bunched at the ankles. But your jewels are what you'll really be judged by: Indians have their jewelry made to order; no one buys off the shelf."

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