Poppy Delevingne Reveals Her Fashion Week Essentials

The Coveteur recently had the chance to romp around New York's posh Marlton Hotel with everybody's favourite It-Brit, Poppy Delevingne. Decked out in Chanel couture, Delevingne revealed everything from her ideal day in New York City to her favourite drink (beer, to our surprise!). But the best part of it all? She opened up about what she just can't live without during the crazy fashion week period. You might want to take notes...

“[I always pack] a sense of humour, eye drops. You need some great staples, like a pair of leggings, maybe some YSL ankle boots, a good masculine, minimal jacket, then some good tees from someone like James Perse. A great red lipstick from somewhere like Topshop, I always wear Rio Rio Red. Maybe a Tom Ford Flamingo Pink. Or CHANEL does a really good one called Lune Rousse which I really love. [I also always carry] a vast supply of hair ties, I love nothing more than a topknot. Lip balm! Music, I always want to be dancing. I want to dance through my life so I take an iPod with me everywhere...One second its really aggressive rap, and the next second its All Saints, and the next second it’s Kings of Leon. It’s kind of intense."

And, with that, you've got your newest shopping (and download) list! 

Be sure to read the full article over at The Coveteur, and let us know if you share any of her favourites in the comments!

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