Culture Clash: The Only Pop Culture Moments That Mattered This Week

In our mission to deliver to you, dear reader, the most pressing news from the world of fashion, celebrity, and pop culture, we bring you Culture Clash: our weekly pop culture news instalment. 

1. Tidal, the music streaming site backed by Jay Z, finally launched, with quite a bit of to-do surrounding it.

2. Beyoncé released a remix to her song "Jealous" featuring Chris Brown, and there's been some backlash in response. 

3. Rihanna pranked Jimmy Kimmel on April Fool's Day, promptly putting every other prankster alive to shame.

4. Ciara announced her new album, Jackiewhich is coming out May 4.

5. Kanye West lashed out at Kim Kardashian's personal trainer after the trainer suggested Kardashian couldn't possibly lose her desired 15 pounds.

6. Mega retailer Net-a-Porter and Italian based company YOOX went through a merger worth millions of dollars.

7. Coachella and Lollapalooza banned selfie sticks at this year's festivals.

8. The trailer came out for the forthcoming Amy Winehouse documentary, and it's as tragic as you'd imagine.

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