Exclusive: Why Suki and Poppy's Accessories Line Is Totally Genius

When we discovered (via the medium of Instagram, what else?) that the always-stylish, Suki Waterhouse, was in cahoots with her good friend and entrepreneurial social media star, Poppy Jamie, to design an accessories line, we were more than interested. Just what would these two (who doubtless have shiny new things thrown at them from every designer going all day, every day) create for themselves? And how could we get ahold of it?


Courtesy of Pop & Suki

Well, the day has come, dear friends. The girls’ own line, Pop & Suki, is now finally available and looking mighty tempting. Cue cute, customisable and easy to slip into your existing wardrobe pieces—from trinket necklaces through to cross-body bags that go with everything. We caught up with the girls to find out why they struck out on their own, how their tastes came together and what their aim for the Pop & Suki empire is. 

Keep reading to see our exclusive interview with Suki and Poppy, plus shop the line along the way…


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WHO WHAT WEAR UK: What was the point where you decided to launch this together? And how did it come about?

POPPY JAMIE: We were both living in L.A. when Suki bought this amazing vintage bag I became obsessed with! We both spent ages trying to find another one but never did. After discussing how impossible this bag hunt had become, we suddenly thought, "Why don't we make our own?! Let's make the dream bag we are trying to find." I met our co-founder, Leo, and from that point on, Pop & Suki came to life!

SUKI WATERHOUSE: We knew we wanted to create a Pop & Suki universe. We talked about it for a long time and then the stars aligned for us when we met our co-founder, Leo, who helped us get organized and start the nitty gritty process of starting a brand.


Courtesy of Pop & Suki

WWW UK: Did you find that you both had gaps in your wardrobes that you wanted to fill?

PJ: Yes yes and more yes. We are sooo messy, so we always have gaps. We also travel a lot, so knowing us, we will leave one shoe in London and land in L.A. realising we have nothing to wear. We wanted to design something that was minimal and practical … items that could be worn with any outfit. Less is more, especially when on the move!

SW: Definitely. We wanted practical, gorgeous bags and jewellery that could handle the wrath of our daily lives! We're not the tidiest or most organised pair.


Instagram user @sukiwaterhouse

WWW UK: What have you enjoyed the most about this process?

PJ: Working with my best friend and creating something I absolutely adore. It's so rare that you get to wake up and know your day is going to be filled with creativity, entrepreneurial pursuits and friendship. Lunch breaks are the best. 

SW: It's like creating a baby! New and exciting things are always happening. Recently, the shoots have been a lot of fun. I've spent a long time being part of other people's shoots, and now it's our shoot! My inner control freak enjoys that.


Instagram user @popandsuki

WWW UK: Is there a particular piece you feel most proud of?

PJ: The Camera Bag. I honestly haven't taken my pink one off since I received the first sample. I pretty much sleep with it!

SW: I love the Shopper Tote, which is made with gorgeous, soft nubuck suede. It's comfortable to run around town with—I can fit everything I need for the day in there. Also, it can double as my cotton candy–pink pillow in the car.


Instagram user @sukiwaterhouse

WWW UK: What do you both admire about each other's style? 

PJ: I love Suki's free-spirited, tomboy style. She can wear off-duty clothes in a way that makes them so chic.

SW: Poppy's light shines through in her style, and she isn't afraid of a loud look. She wore sky-high, white leather boots and giant pink headdresses the entire time at Burning Man. Her style can make you smile.


Instagram user @popandsuki

WWW UK: Pink is clearly essential—have you both loved this color forever?

PJ: YES. Live for the pastel! 

SW: For as long as I can remember there's been a side to me that just wants to exists in a world of pink. I believe in pink! I grew up with pink wallpaper.


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WWW UK: Outside of both of you, who could embody the ultimate Pop & Suki girl?

PJ: Any girls' girl who celebrates her friends and who is smart and witty but doesn't take herself too seriously. 

SW: A girl on a mission. She's got places to be and things to do! 

Sounds quite a lot like the kind of ladies we admire… Therefore, go through the gallery below to shop the Pop & Suki line!

Pop & Suki Camera Bag (£160 and up)

You can get these printed with your name as well as choose different strap options and tassels or key chains.

Pop and Suki Backpack Straps (£42) and BFF Heart (£37)

Who wouldn't want to be matchy with their best friend?

Wear it plain, or throw on some extra charms…

Even minimalists can get on board with these.

Pop and Suki Camera Bag (£160 and up)

How perfect are these shades for autumn?

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