Someone Invite Us to a Pool Party—We've Got All of These Outfits Ready

Remember that scene in Sex and the City when Samantha gets thrown out of Soho House in an undignified manner? (In the episode, the New York City heat prompts her to impersonate a club member using a forgotten key card she found in order to go swimming in the club's pool.)

Samantha's outfit of choice—a white cutout swimsuit worn with a mesh cover-up, heels and blingy chandelier earrings—perfectly epitomises that notion that poolside manner should always remain polished. You might be on a lounger, but your outfit requires as much thought, if not more, than your general everyday wear. After all, you won't be spending all your time actually in the pool. So not only do you need a truly great swimsuit, but you also need something to throw on over it (and something to throw on after dark). Lastly, you need your look to be comfortable.

Lucky for you, we've rounded up the best outfit choices to solve this summer dilemma so you can spend the whole time having fun at the pool party.

Now you're all set for your upcoming summer parties. You can thank us later.