The New Shoe Trend Fashion People Are Trading in Their Ballet Flats for

A great pair of shoes has the power to transform any outfit and give your looks a new lease of life. It's for this exact reason we devote so much time to unearthing the latest shoe trends and keep close tabs on any shifts we see in terms of footwear preferences on the fashion scene. And lately, I couldn't help but notice that the style crowd have been trading in their ballet flats for something a whole lot fiercer. 

Pointed-toe shoes might have been all the rage in the '90s and early '00s, but in recent years they didn't feel quite as integral. Not that courts have ever been out per say, but they just weren't considered a footwear focus. However, thanks to the designer collections for autumn/winter—here's looking at you, Prada, Miu Miu and Gucci_—pointed-toe shoes are back on the agenda, and here to make your outfits chicer, too. 

Though some might write them off on account of them looking uncomfortable to wear, the beauty of the pointed-toe shoe trend is that you can wear it whichever way. Flats, heels, boots—they all work! And with plentiful shopping options across the board. 

I keep seeing so many great outfits featuring this '90s shoe that I thought why not bring them to your attention. Scroll on to see six elevated pointed-toe shoe outfits that prove the style has every right to be here this season. 

1. Blazer + Jeans + Pointed-Toe Shoes

Pointed-Toe Shoe Outfits: @y.a.t.r.i wears pointed-toe shoes with jeans and a blazer



Style Notes: A blazer and jeans is the outfit combination I find myself reaching for most frequently, so I'm always looking for ways to pep up the pairing. Enter pointed-toe shoes. 

2. Coat + Dress + Pointed-Toe Shoes

Pointed-Toe Shoe Outfits: @abimarvel wears pointed-toe shoes with a knitted maxi dress and coat



Style Notes: Knitted dresses are core in my winter wardrobe. On the days where boots aren't absolutely necessary, I'll be reaching for some pointed-toe shoes like Abi. 

Pointed-Toe Shoe Outfits: @sylviemus_ wears a slip skirt with pointed-toe shoes



Style Notes: Evenings out in winter call for a little more thought than those you can throw in during summer. This weekend, I'll be trialling the combination of a cashmere knit, slip skirt and my new & Other Stories pointed-toe slingbacks. 

4. Tailoring + Bag + Pointed-Toe Shoes

Pointed-Toe Shoe Outfits: @deborabrosa wears pointed-toe shoes with a cream suit



Style Notes: There's nothing chicer nor easier to assemble than a black and white outfit. I love how Debora has used a pair of sharp black shoes to add edge to her cream co-ord. 

5. Knitted Vest + Midi Skirt + Pointed-Toe Shoes

Pointed-Toe Shoe Outfits: @nlmarilyn wears pointed-toe shoes with a black midi skirt and vest



Style Notes: Take Marilyn's approach and use as pair of pointed-toe heels, which are fierce in nature, to reframe a demure look. 

Pointed-Toe Shoe Outfits: @sylviemus_ wears pointed-toe boots with tailored trousers



Style Notes: Don't disregard boots! In fact, pointed-toe boots are going to be one of the biggest trends of the season. Wear them with jeans, leggings or tailored trousers; the choice is yours and the options endless.