Curvy Butts and Bigger Boobs Deserve Decent Lingerie Too

Plus-sized lingerie no longer means huge matronly brassieres that are unsightly and uninspiring to buy. There are plenty of different brands that cater to all kinds of shapes and tastes, as well as giving you the support you need. In an effort to source the best plus-sized lingerie brands and help you understand what to look for if you've got a bigger bust or butt, I turned to the pros.

I first spoke to a couple of experts from brands Playful Promises and Chantelle. Both offer bigger cup and dress sizes and know how to cater to people with larger breasts. They told me exactly what you need to look for when you're curvier and shopping for lingerie. Then I tapped the expert shopping advice from models Jada Sezer and Emma Breschi. Ready to find out more? Keep scrolling for their tips and shop our favourite pieces.

1. Don't consider your curves as something to be covered up

Influencer Gabi Fresh in Playful Promises lingerie.

Anna Sampson, brand director of Playful Promises, which has collaborated with plus-sized model Gabi Fresh, says that you should always go for whatever makes you feel comfortable: "Don't be afraid to show off your curves," she tells us. Sampson also said that lingerie doesn't have to be about covering up or shaping your body and that even if you do prefer fuller-coverage pieces, there are plenty of alluring options. "Also, remember that all bras are different—there is no 'correct' bra size, as bodies are so different, and breasts vary in shape (e.g., being full on top). If a bra style doesn't work for you, it's not that your body is wrong."

2. Find somewhere that can offer you a good fitting service

Stephanie of Nerd About Town wearing a Simply Be bralette.

So how do you make sure that you get your bra shape right? Well, other than checking out the genius bra-size calculator, there are a few other tips we picked up after chatting with Mary Cameron, managing director of Chantelle. "The first thing I would suggest is to find somewhere that can offer you a good fitting service," she says. "Try phoning the store before you go to check that they might carry the size you're looking for; John Lewis offers a very good service fit." As for how to ensure that you're properly supported, Cameron suggests shopping for a three-quarter cup. "Look for a side panel, as it brings the bust in and makes you look slimmer, and then also ensure you have a fully adjustable strap," she adds.

3. Look for underwired support that's cute and not too frumpy

plus size lingerie: Jada Sezer in a black bralette


Brogan Chidley via @jadasezer

Model Jada Sezer in a lace black bra.

As for those who shop for plus-sized lingerie, model Jada Sezer knows a lot about finding the right kind. "I always looks for underwired support that's cute and not too frumpy," she notes. As for brands, her go-to is Curvy Kate: "It stocks smaller back sizes and larger cups, which is perfect for me," she explains. She's also a big fan of Elomi.

4. Find brands that embrace your natural shape

Model Emma Breschi in a black strapless bra.

Emma Breschi tells us she's "always been the girl with big boobs." "It's something I've learnt over time to embrace and love," she adds. "I look for brands that embrace my natural shape, fit for comfort and are stylish all at the same time. The brands I usually rely on are Beija London and Marks & Spencer."

Shop our pick of plus-sized lingerie below

This is the set Gabi's wearing at the top of the article.

Velvet sets this set apart from the usual.

It's just as important to invest in a high-impact sports bra.

Heist's technologically-advanced tights go up to a size 22.

Figleaves stocks a host of plus-size lingerie brands, but their own line is really worth checking out too.

For that get-home-and-take-the-underwire-off moment.

These look so comfy, and have a really beautiful lace pattern.

This is a best-selling strapless number from Curvy Kate.

Always worth owning these quality basics in bulk.

This is Emma Breschi's fave brand.

What's not to love about a leopard print set?

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