Plus-Size Lingerie Tips From People Who Get the Big-Boob Situ

Plus-size lingerie no longer means huge matronly brassieres that are unsightly and unflattering. There are plenty of different brands that cater to all kinds of shapes and tastes, as well as giving you the support you need. In an effort to source the best plus-size lingerie brands and help you understand what to look for if you've got a bigger bust, I turned to the pros.

I first spoke to a couple of experts from brands Playful Promises and Chantelle. Both offer bigger cup and dress sizes and know how to cater to people with larger breasts. They told me exactly what you need to look for when you're curvier and shopping for lingerie. Then I tapped the expert shopping advice from plus-size models Jada Sezer and Emma Breschi. Ready to find out more? Keep scrolling for their tips and shop our favourite pieces.