5 Curve Models on What's Good and Bad in the "Plus Size" Fashion World

Change is a coming, people. For girls with curves or anyone who has struggled to find their dream trend-ticking, personality-fulfilling fashion pieces over the years due to a shortage in the sizes on offer or a noticeable lack of design credibility, things feel like they're turning in the right direction.

The terminology is still a minefield—should there even be a separation between supposedly "straight" sizes and "plus" sizes? There's still a problematic ratio in regards to how many consumers are looking for sizes outside of the once-standard set and the models that are chosen to feature in campaigns or even be photographed for e-commerce. And, whenever I'm on the hunt for cool "curve" fashion pieces, I do hit a bit of a wall—there's a great deal of lazy, boring, unflattering product out there—and constantly question why this category is such an afterthought when the average size in the UK is a 16. 

It's not all doom and gloom, but there's still room for improvement. And that's why I wanted some key girls in the know to talk candidly about what's good, what's bad and to offer up some IRL advice to any brands and designers out there who are willing to listen. Thanks to my friends over at Models 1—an agency that has a host of brilliant curve models—we assembled a crack team of pros. Keep scrolling to discover what they had to say, and shop some of our current favourite ASOS Curve pieces at the end.