6 Surprising Questions With Our Favourite Plus-Size Bloggers

If there’s one singular segment of the blogging community that is most frequently (and unfortunately) overlooked, it’s the plus-size bloggers.  While we at Who What Wear continue to make efforts to include them in our coverage of the best blogger looks to date, you’d be strapped to find significant mainstream coverage of ladies like Gabi Fresh, Nicolette Mason, and Tanesha Awasthia (of Girl With Curves) that doesn’t exclusively call them out as plus-size. But all that’s changing.

We sat down with all three of these ladies—who, by the way, have a collective Instagram following of more than 180,000—to pick their brains about the state of the plus-size blogging world, how plus-sizing is evolving in the fashion world at large, and more.

Scroll down for 6 questions with Gabi, Nicolette, and Tanesha, plus shop their favourite brands!