9 Plus-Size Influencers Who Give You So Much More Than Fashion Advice

Finding a style blog that captures your attention and keeps you coming back is no easy feat. The blogosphere is a busy place, and it's easy to feel like it's dominated by women who reflect a one-size-fits-all approach to style advice or create content geared towards woman fitting the industry's often uninclusive standards of beauty. But there are plenty of inspiring bloggers out there who classify themselves as curvy or plus size and will have you following religiously for a dose of clothes, news and views. You just need to know the domains to find them at.

Our favourite names in the plus-size blogging community—like Danielle Vanier and Nadia Aboulhosn—give you so much more than fashion advice; they deliver great content on size acceptance, positive body image and mental health, too. Plus, many of them are activists with side projects, which make for inspiring reading.

If you don't already know these names (and even if you do), let us tell you why you need to start following them now. Scroll through the gallery below for our pick of the nine best plus-size bloggers out there right now.

Danielle Vanier
Plus-size bloggers: Danielle Vanier



Why to Follow: London-based Danielle is where it's at for edgy fashion advice for plus girls. She's great at touting brands who are delivering for plus-size customers and isn't afraid to call out those who aren't.

Where to Follow: DanielleVanier.co.uk and @DanielleVanier

Stephanie Yeboah
Plus-size bloggers: Stephanie Yeboah



Why to Follow: Steph's blog is an inspiration to anyone who's ever felt they lack the confidence to show off their style. It took her four years to introduce her style section due to a lack of self-esteem, but now she's now a body-positive activist who regularly speaks on panels. As well as her eclectic, colourful OOTD posts, she also gets real on mental health and body image.

Where to Follow: NerdAboutTown.com, @NerdAboutTown.

Tanesha Awasthia
Plus-size bloggers: Girl with Curves


Instagram/ @GirlWithCurves

Why to Follow: Her 283K following speaks volumes of her blog, Girl With Curves. As well as ladylike fashion tips, travel advice and beauty content, Tanesha delivers honest, body-positive posts on everything from motherhood to swimwear-related anxiety.

Where to Follow: @GirlWithCurves

Nadia Aboulhosn
Plus-size bloggers: Nadia Aboulhosn



Why to Follow: A U.S.-based model (she's signed to Wilhelmina Models) and designer of an eponymous collection, Nadia also posts envy-inducing wanderlust snaps and travel reviews. She's a journalism graduate who focused on issues affecting the Middle East during her studies, so also expect news and views from an eloquent perspective.

Where to Follow: NadiaAboulhosn.com and @NadiaAboulhosn

Kelly Augustine
Plus-size bloggers: Kelly Augustine



Why to Follow: Thirty-year-old U.S. blogger Kelly styles up a mix of high-street and high-end, giving wearable but aspirational style inspo. She also provides tips on NYC life and honest beauty reviews with a focus on brown skin. She's dedicated to what she calls "pushing the needle forward in terms of representation," which can only be a great thing.

Where to Follow: KellyAugustine.com and @KellyAugustine

Gabi Gregg
Plus-size bloggers: Gabi Gregg



Why to Follow: Gabi Gregg, aka Gabi Fresh, started blogging with the aim to debunk the idea that what you can and can't wear depends on your dress size. It's seen her win awards and formed the basis of the fashion label she co-founded, Premme, which was bourne out of her frustration with how limiting high-street options can be for plus-size women. She was also a key player in the #fatkini movement.

Where to Follow: Premme.us and @GabiFresh

The Smiling Sweetheart
Plus-size bloggers



Why to Follow: Mona of The Smiling Sweetheart blog is a name to watch, with just a year of blogging under her belt and a growing following. Her laid-back style is great for everyday inspo, and she's a denim expert.

Where to Follow: TheSmilingSweetheart.com and @TheSmilingSweetheart

Essie Golden
Plus-size bloggers: Essie Golden



Why to follow: Essie is firmly established in the U.S. blogger community with a huge following of 158K and rising, and she's also founded her own body-positive pool parties called #GoldenConfidence. Follow her blog for bold outfit ideas and a confidence boost from her encouraging words about why you should wear what you want, where you want.

Where to follow: EssieGolden.com and @EssieGolden

Lydia Hudgens
Plus-size bloggers: Lydia Hudgens



Why to Follow: Photographer Lydia Hudgens's blog is full of stunning shots from her travels and behind-the-scenes looks at her shoots for brands. She also shares OOTD roundups twice a month of her chicest directional looks, curated with an expert eye for mixing high street and under-the-radar brands.

Where to Follow: LydiaHudgens.com and @LydiaHudgens

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