Pleated Skirts Were Big in 2014, But Here's How to Wear Yours 5 Years On

Think back to the sartorial leaders of spring 2014, and you'll get a fond recollection of pleated skirts. Five years ago, pleats made a cool-kid comeback thanks to the runway shows of Proenza Schouler and Timo Weiland, and as predicted, the elegant '50s silhouette flooded the high street with brands from Zara to New Look stocking iterations of the style. Everyone owned one and wore it proudly with a white tee all summer.

Well, if you were savvy enough to cling on to your pleated skirt, pat yourself on the back, because pleats are making a surprising resurgence. Street style stars are making strong cases for pleated skirts once more, adding a few styling updates. Below, we've provided a refresher course on how to wear your pleated skirt in 2019. Sashay away…

Pair With a Baggy Knit

Pleated skirt outfits: Baggy knit look



With its billowing silhouette, your first instinct might be to pair your pleated skirt with a more formfitting top, when in fact, an oversized knit makes the perfect accompaniment. Wear yours tucked-out and with sock boots just like Jeanette Madsen.

Contrast Bright With Tonal

Pleated skirt outfits: Bright with tonals



If your skirt is brightly coloured (such as this tres on-trend sapphire yellow version), then consider pairing with tonal hues. Not only will it keep your look balanced, but all focus remains on the skirt.

Keep It Ultra Classy

Pleated skirt outfits: keep feminine



By nature, the pleated skirt—with its delicate folds and 1950s silhouette—is ultra classy. Stay true to form by pairing with a billowing blouse (and some Gucci loafers for good measure).

Try a Shorter Hem

Pleated skirt outfits: Short hems



While midi lengths are typically associated with pleated skirts, minis look great too. Pair with knee-high boots, as anything shorter risks looking overly preppy.

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