5 Summer Outfits That Are Blowing Up on Pinterest

As the summer months roll on and you've worn each of your summer dresses multiple times, it can be hard to challenge yourself to find new outfit ideas. But when it comes to sartorial inspiration, we always rely on Pinterest—it's our go-to! It's the place where, season after season, we've found the easiest outfit ideas that often take 30 seconds or less to put together. The most popular outfits on Pinterest are never too complicated, trend-driven or overly out of the box, yet there's always a fresh element involved.

This summer, the Pinterest business trend report found that laid-back style is taking the forefront, which makes sense. Come July and August, we appreciate a carefree approach to dressing. Top searches include "claw hair clips," "barely there sandals," and "bracelet bags"—all of which point to fuss-free summer living. When it comes to outfit trends, there are five major looks popping up over and over again this season. Each one takes no more than three pieces to complete and will add a few quick, simple outfit formulas to your routine.

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1. Loose-fitted shorts and a tie-up shirt

Where last year's slip skirt took dominance over, well, basically everything, we've seen a lot more shorts-based outfits pop up in the first few warm months of 2019. The popular styles we've spotted on Pinterest are loose-fitting, longer in the leg and most often high-waisted. Pairing shorts with a tied-up button-down gives the overall look a sense of relaxed sophistication.

How it's done:
Pinterest Summer Outfits: Loose-fitted shorts and a tie-up shirt



These Jacquemus structured shorts offer a dramatic take on the look, but the overall outfit has so much to take inspiration from. A pop of colour always adds a fun touch, while the casual effect of the Velcro sandals balances out the volume of the shirt.

There are so many reasons to love a summery co-ord set. Co-ords are so comfortable, they're easy and lastly, there's a co-ord for just about any kind of personal style. Plus, you can always wear the pieces separately for double the outfits. A win for everyone.

How it's done:
Pinterest Summer Outfits: Yellow Aesthetic Co-ord Sets



On top of everything, co-ords can be worn with just about anything. From classic white sneakers to strappy sandals and a basket bag, there's no wrong answer when it comes to this outfit formula. We love this tonal version and the fact that Ada stuck to buttery yellows and white.

A youthful classic. Is there anything more summery than this? High-waisted denim is best bought vintage, whether you're looking for shorts or full-length jeans. Across Pinterest, we've seen this look done with both tighter and loose-fitting silhouettes.

How it's done:
Pinterest Summer Outfits: High-waisted jeans and a crop top with mules and shoulder bag



Why not try white denim for an elevated approach to this outfit? Paired with '90s mules, a vintage shoulder bag and a fab pair of sunnies shows the versatility of this formula.

Investing in a fabulous satin midi dress is basically a must at this point. The increasing popularity of this '90s classic year after year proves that it's a summer wardrobe staple. We keep seeing this dress with a simple basket bag for an everyday look.

How it's done:
Pinterest Summer Outfits: Satin midi dress and a statement bag with strappy heels



Whether you go for a classic basket bag or try out a fun beaded clutch for an evening out, a cool accessory changes the whole game. A bright white accent like Monikh's strappy heels can really bring out the shine of the satin.

5. All-white uniform

What's great about this outfit idea is that we can almost definitely guarantee you already own the ingredients to this look. All-white outfits are a perennial classic, but we've seen so many new ways of trying it this season.

How it's done...
Pinterest Summer Outfits: All white aesthetic outfit



Pair any of your white pieces together (like jeans and a white tee or an A-line skirt and button-down) and it will instantly look chic. Brittany's take is relaxed enough to be comfortable but sharp enough to wear to work. 

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