Pinterest Says This Trend Is 1200% More Popular Than Last Year


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Pinterest is a hub for inspiration. It allows its users to compile their ultimate wish list of things, be it recipes, dream vacation locales or clothing. And we are the first to admit we turn to the image-collecting site to see what people are loving most in the realm of fashion (and of course, to get inspired). But other than offering a very detailed look into everyone's dream shopping list(s), the site also tracks what's most pinned by its users, providing a glimpse into what's currently trending.

The latest report is in, and according to Pinterest, faux fur is a major trend right now. Major. But wait, there's more. It's not the faux fur you may be imagining. Instead, the press release states, "The latest variation on this look is the teddy jacket." And if you're not familiar with this style, the name basically sums it all up. It's a soft, super-fluffy coat (sort of like a teddy bear) that will surely garner you tons of likes. So really, what's not to love? And data shows that saves for this particular cold-weather essential are up more than 1200% this year.

So if you don't yet own the teddy jacket, which may just be the cosiest and cutest one on the market, we definitely suggest you invest. 

Scroll down to shop some of our favourite teddy jackets. 

A cream colour will work with anything and everything.

Up next, see all the other fabulous winter coats that made our edit.

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