21 Pink Nails We Are Saving For Our Next Manicure

If you're anything like me, you absolutely love having your nails done. But the hardest part is choosing a nail colour to commit to. While we're big fans of nail art, or opting for a new, bold nail colour, there's something to be said for timeless pink nails. Pink is dependable, goes with all of your outfits, and is neutral–without being boring. Whether you opt for a classic baby pink, an expensive-looking muted nose, or a subtle, translucent wash of pink–AKA, "clean girl" nails–pink is a the tried and tested colour we default to when we're overwhelmed by nail colour options.



Ahead, you'll find plenty of pink nails to inspire your next manicure. Whether you opt for a baby pink, bright fuchsia French tips or a subtle wash of pink, there's something for everyone.

1. Tonal Pink Nails

Can't decide which colour pink to go for? We've all been there. Why not opt for a different hue on each nail?

Want something more subtle? Two similar shades paired together give a nod to the trend.



An pink ombre manicure lets you experiment with lots of shades, like this pink and orange look.

2. Baby Pink Nails



A baby pink is the equivalent of a pair of jeans – it will go with everything.



A pale pink is a smart choice for prolonging your manicure, as the regrowth is less obvious compared to a bolder colour.



A square, pink nail always looks chic on shorter nails.

This suits-all hue of pink looks as pretty on your nails as it does on your dressing table.

3. Rose Quartz Nails

If you want your pink manicure to have sparkle and shine without verging into glitter, then rose quartz is a chic option.

Look for shimmer pink to replicate the rose quartz look at home.

4. Fuchsia Nails

Fuchsia is making a big comeback. We love how it looks paired with red and orange for summer.

Sometimes, an energetic shade brings instant zing to your fingertips. Fuchsia feels fresh again, but opt for the colour on shorter nails to avoid entering Barbie territory. 

This fuchsia hue brings fun to your fingertips.

5. Pink Nail Art



If you want to switch up your usual pink manicure, nail art is the way to go. This negative space mani with dainty swirls is a cool update.

We're quite literally in love with this subtle pink and white nail calligraphy. 

Pink sunset clouds give a dreamy mood to your fingertips.

Keep nail art precise by using a fine-tipped nail brush.

6. Pink French Tips



For when you want to dabble with a hint of colour French tips make a great choice. 

If you don't have the steadiest of hands, then press ons give you the French tip look without the faff.

7. Raspberry Pink Nails

If red is your usual nail colour go-to, then a raspberry pink hue bridges the gap between red and pink. It also makes a great option for toenails, too.

This raspberry hue is the perfect pairing with red for a twist on your usual manicure.

Chanel's Camelia shade is the perfect balance between red and pink.

8. "Clean Girl" Pink Nails

Sometimes, only a neutral manicure colour will do. A sheer wash of pink keeps your nails looking polished–it is like a tinted moisturiser for your nails.



A sheer wash of colour gives your manicure longevity, as translucent shades will show less chipping than opaque colours.

Top your hue of choice with a glossy top coat for a luxe finish.

This shade from Essie has so many fans.

9. Neutral Pink Nails



This muted pink suits all skin tones.

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