Pink Evolution: From Legally Blonde to Legitimately High Fashion

Last night, we had a revelation of sorts. Thanks to Reese Witherspoon Snapchatting her old Legally Blonde wardrobe in honour of its 15th anniversary (WHAT?), we suddenly realised our favourite colour of the moment really is pink. During the show-and-tell, Witherspoon took us through some of the classic looks: From Woods's Halloween costume (you know, when she gets tricked into dressing up as a sexy bunny) to the pink dress she wears when her boyfriend dumps her, no one could deny that the official colour of LB was pink.

As the star walked us through the wardrobe of Elle Woods, it was plain to see how much our perception of the colour has changed. While we enjoyed each and every one of those outfits the first time around, back then they weren't exactly considered high fashion, and played up to negative connotations of girlishness and ditsy behaviour.


Snapchat user @reesewitherspoon

It's taken some time, but that has all changed over the past few years, with pink reinventing itself on catwalks, red carpets and stylish streets. Once upon time, one might have associated bubblegum and shocking pink varieties of the colour with the likes of Barbie, Elle Woods and a particularly prolific Juicy Couture moment in the noughties, but now it's just a colour like any other. And these days, fashion houses such as Gucci and, most recently, Vetements have propelled it into being the hue du jour.

To prove our point, we've given you a rundown on how to wear pink right now, as well as where to shop all our favourite rose-tinted pieces—from the high street to designer. Elle would be proud.

Click through our gallery for your guide to wearing pink right now and to shop some key pieces this season.